Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Lizzo denies she makes music for a “white audience” while covering Vanity Fair

Lizzo sat down for a frank conversation with Vanity Fair while covering the November issue.

Between pages, the 34-year-old music artist responded to criticism that she makes music for a “white audience.”

“I don’t make music for white people. I’m a black woman, I make music from my black experience,” she told the publication.

Lizzo – full name Melissa Jefferson – said the misunderstanding was “probably the biggest criticism I’ve received”.

She added, “And it’s such a critical conversation when it comes to black artists. The thing is, when a black artist achieves a certain level of popularity, it’s going to be to a predominantly white audience.

The truth hurts, but the creator explained that she makes music “to heal myself”. [from] the experience we call life.’

The Detroit-born singer spoke about her practice of making feel-good music when she remarked, “More than anyone, we need self-love and self-love anthems.”

“So am I right there making music for this girl who looks like me who grew up in a town where she was underrated and teased and made to feel ugly?” she asked before answering, ‘Yes.’

Clapping back at her critics, she exclaimed, “It blows my mind when people say I don’t make music from a black perspective – as a black artist, how could I not do that?”

The classically trained musician wore over-the-top couture looks for the photo spread.

On the cover, she wore a billowy red wrap dress by ACT N°1, the brand that Beyoncé accessorized for one of her Tiffany & Co Summer Renaissance looks.

For her hair, she modeled variations on a textured mullet styled by Shelbeniece Swain. Jefferson flaunted a smoky eye palette for the shoot, which created a dark and vampy feel. And on top of her plump pout, she donned a deep plum lip stain.

This comes after Lizzo blasted Kanye West’s critical remarks during her concert in Toronto on Friday, a day after the heartless rapper said she was being used indirectly to promote what he called a “genocide against the black race.” , acknowledges.

Apparently responding to West, 45,’s remarks, the singer told concertgoers at the Scotiabank Arena: “I feel like everyone in America has my mother’s name [their] Mother****** mouth without mother****** reason.’

West told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday that every time Lizzo posts something about losing weight on social media, “bots” and “media” attack her to promote the idea that “obesity is the new goal ” be.

On Friday, during a break in her set, Lizzo continued, “I mind my fat, black, beautiful affairs.”

The crowd clapped and cheered as she spoke for herself without explicitly naming Kanye.

Lizzo then asked the crowd, “Can I stay here? [in Canada]?’ before joking, “Who can I marry for this dual citizenship?”

She seemed to be getting her point home when she took to Instagram over the weekend to post a role from a recent show.

The clip showed the entertainer with a spotlight on her face while an illuminated message flashed across her torso.

“My body, my choice” was emblazoned above her and in the caption she just added a full stop.

Kelly Rowland later showed support for the musician when she reposted the clip to her Insta-Story, writing: “Tell ‘EM!!!! I fucking love you.”

Ye has caused quite a stir since donning a ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirt during his Paris Fashion Week show.

The two stood next to controversial political pundit Candace Owens and wore reversed colors of the same shirt.

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