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Lisa Rinna’s Recent Look Ridiculed As ‘Trashy’ & ‘Tacky’

From “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” to the runway of New York Fashion Week in 2022.

On September 12, Lisa Rinna walked the runway at Priscavera’s SS23 fashion show in New York City. The 59-year-old wore a long white dress and had her hair combed back with a heavy eye as she walked down the runway.

Rinna posted several photos, videos, and screenshots from an interview showcasing her time as a NYFW model, including one where she wrote, “Honey, if you’re 59 years old and you’re asked to walk a runway show, say your YES!!!!!!!!! @priscavera #nyfw @maddeostlie love you.” Here’s one of the messages Rinna shows on the runway:

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While Rinna got a lot of support for her posts showing off her modeling work in the fashion show, many others slammed the Bravo star for her looks and her gait. “Rinna walks like I do when I’m at home pretending to be a top model,” one wrote. “Very amateurish and no mercy at all. The arms shouldn’t swing like that.”

Another person said, “She’s trying soooo hard and it shows.” One commenter wrote, “Rinna went out of her way to fulfill her fantasy of being a supermodel.” Someone else said, “What kind of people attended this?” Another slammed the Bravolebrity shut: “Get over yourself.”

Rinna also posted some photos from the Interview Magazine piece about her, including one showing her backstage at the fashion show and showing the camera her middle finger. ‘Why is she sticking out her middle finger? That’s not classy!” Someone said. Another person wrote, “Wow, it keeps it really classy smdh.” Someone commented, “If you zoom in, her photos are scary.” Another agreed: “Scary face.”

One person wrote: “You and Ramona [Singer] have the same job eyes.” Many people wrote that she was “tasteless,” commenting, “She’s so tacky.” Another wrote: “So sloppy. What a disgrace to your family.” Someone else said, “Keep it junk.” One person said, “So damn junk.”

Discussing her appearance on NYFW with Interview Magazine, Rinna told the publication she was having “so much fun”. She shared: “I said I’d pretend I had a shot of tequila, but I didn’t. I wish I had, but I just had to go for it.” She spoke of the decision to appear on the runway:

Rinna said she was “very aware” of her body because of his advice. “You hold in your belly, there’s all this stuff,” she told me. “He says, ‘Relax your face.’ So when I finally did it, I think it was very helpful.”

Rinna described her look for the runway show as “sort of classic old school. Tom Ford Gucci 1996.” She also said that being considered the “villain” on RHOBH may have contributed to her being asked to appear in the fashion show. The magazine asked the Bravo star, “So you think the villain is paying off because you’re the only person on the show I’ve seen run this fashion week?” Rinna simply replied, “What do you think?”

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