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Life Uncut is recovering after co-host Brittany Hockley was targeted by vile trolls

It’s been a rough few weeks for Brittany Hockley after she was trolled online by people who left a spate of one-star reviews on her podcast, calling her “self-centered”.

However, iHeartPodcast Network’s Life Uncut appears to have made a comeback, according to Media Week Thursday.

After an impressive performance last month, 33-year-old Brittany and her co-host Laura Byrne earned five spots on the leaderboard at number five.

Life Uncut is arguably Australia’s largest female podcast.

But despite the show’s popularity, angry listeners and trolls have recently attacked host Brittany with a spate of negative one-star reviews.

“I’m an OG listener but can’t listen to this podcast anymore because of Britt,” raged one. “It seems like reading other reviews left by listeners is becoming a common thing.”

“So very disappointed,” wrote another. “I was already unhappy with where the podcast was going. Britt has become so incredibly self-absorbed that she takes over every episode and pretends her opinions and life experiences are above everyone else’s.”

Despite backlash from trolls, the majority of Life Uncut’s listeners left positive reviews, praising the podcast and the hosts.

“You know a podcast is good when you’re about 3 years late to the party and almost caught up in a few months through binge listening,” gushed one.

“I totally disagree with the comments about Britt. Of course she draws themes back to her own experiences to bring the listeners closer to the content in a real scenario,” lectured another fan.

“It’s also a way of demonstrating emotional intelligence – when someone shares their experience, they feel empathy and understanding from their audience if they can relate to it.”

Brittany and co-host Laura Byrne have become two of Australia’s biggest media personalities since their days on The Bachelor.

You’ve won the Listeners’ Choice Awards at the Australian Podcast Awards two years in a row.

Life Uncut has also been picked up by KIIS FM and made into a national radio show and in October Brittany and Laura will be publishing their first book.

The self-help tome, titled We Love Love: An Unfiltered A to Z of Modern Romance, covers various dating issues such as ghosting and long-distance relationships.

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