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“Let the right one in”: 3 differences between the TV show and the movie

The Swedish horror film Let the right one in inspired an American film remake, let me in. Now it has inspired a new Showtime series. That Let the right one in The TV show is still about a vampire child who will appear young forever, similar to Claudia in Interview with the vampire. However, the show has more time to go in different directions than any film.

Showrunner Andrew Hinderaker and executive producer/director Seith Mann were on a Zoom panel at the Television Critics Association Let the right one in on September 20th. They discussed some of the differences between the film and their show. Let the right one in airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on Showtime.

In the show, Demián Bichir plays Mark Kane, the human father of Eleanor (Madison Tayler Baez). Mark receives blood to feed his daughter. They correspond to the characters played by Per Ragnar and Lina Leandersson in the film, but you’ll learn a lot more about them in the series.

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“I was really interested in researching addiction and finding out what a parent is going to do for a child when they’re struggling with addiction,” Hinderaker said. “And it felt like this incredible gift to be able to turn the foundations and seeds of the film into an entirely new story that revolves around Demián’s character, Mark, and Madison’s character, Eleanor, and explores the expanses that father would go to for his.” to keep daughter alive. “

The film was a pretty tight-knit circle of the vampire, her father, the bullied boy she befriends, and the boy’s mother. The show time Let the right one in has space for many more characters.

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“In terms of story, we have a brand new cast of characters,” Hinderaker said. “It’s set in present-day New York City. We really expanded the show’s mythology to bring in these extraordinary characters from Naomi [Anika Noni Rose] and Isaiah Cole [Ian Foreman] and then a whole other family of vampires, or a family supporting a vampire led by Grace [Gummer]’s character, Claire Logan. And so it’s a new story that’s really a love letter to the film at the same time.”

Mann explained that there are different dynamics even between characters who are similar to those in the film. In particular, Mann believes that Eleanor’s relationship with the human boy Isaiah will be different on the show.

“That relationship was still more predatory in my opinion than the friendship, the real friendship that forms between our Eleanor and Isaiah,” Mann said. “Beyond that, we have the relationship between Mark and Eleanor and Arthur [Zeljko Ivanek] and Claire and Peter [Jacob Buster]. And Naomi’s character is much more present. There is a lot of love in the story.”

So those are some subtle and obvious differences between the movie and the show. Fans of the film may debate Mann’s intentions as a vampire, but the addition of an ensemble cast of characters undoubtedly expands the world of Let the right one in.

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