Friday, December 2, 2022

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Kourtney Kardashian saved Reign’s ‘long braid’ and stashed it in a ‘secret drawer’

Kourtney Kardashian keeps her son’s hair in a drawer.

The 43-year-old reality star, who is now married to Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, is mom to Mason, 12, Penelope, 10, and Reign, 7, with ex-partner Scott Disick. She revealed that she “didn’t cut” her son’s hair until he was five and often liked to “sniff” his old braid after deciding to keep it in a secret drawer.

She said, “Well, I have several [tiroirs secrets]. I won’t tell you anyway. It’s a secret. They are not called secret compartments for nothing. I’ll tell you something that’s in my secret drawer… I have Reign’s hair because we didn’t cut it until he was five. So I have her long braid and I often smell it. I’ll show you when you come later.”

The ‘Kardashians’ star spoke to younger sister Khloe, 38, who compared her nephew to the fairytale character Rapunzel before asking her sister how many pillows she likes to sleep on.

As part of the joint conversation with Interview, Khloe said, “Oh my god. It is in order. It is in order. No, I agree. It’s like oh my god. Rapunzel? You’re asking me this question because you always make fun of me for my amount of pillows. But how many pillows do you sleep on?”

Kourtney replied: “I use one to actually sleep but I like two on the side. I like snacking in bed. Sometimes we like to have breakfast in bed. Like apples and buttermilk. Peanut in bed.”

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