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Kody Brown Infuriates ‘Sister Wives’ Fans After Christine’s Bold Remarks

Kody Brown was slammed by sister wives viewers after the last episode on TLC.

The long-running reality show, which is currently in the middle of its 17th season, follows the lives of Kody and his wives in their plural marriage.

The Brown family patriarch is legally married to his wife Robyn and “spiritually” married to Meri and Janelle Brown. He was previously in a spiritual marriage with another woman, Christine, but they announced in November 2021 that they were separating.

Despite their separation, Christine is still on sister wives and the end of their relationship is a main storyline in season 17 of the series.

In the final episode, which aired September 18, Kody made a comment about one of his children with Christine that angered those watching the show at home.

Kody and Christine share daughters Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel and Truely, as well as son Paedon, and it was revealed on sister wives that Ysabel had secured a spot at community college and would be moving to North Carolina.

Upon hearing the news, Kody didn’t seem thrilled that Ysabel was leaving at a time when their bond wasn’t strong.

During the last episodes of sister wives Kody has faced accusations, from viewers at home and cast members, that he spends more time with Robyn and her children than other family members, leading to a strained relationship between the extended family.

“I feel broken and Ysabel is leaving,” Kody said of her daughter’s college news.

“It’s heartbreaking for me that she’s leaving in these circumstances where everything that happened between me and Christine left her and [I’m with] with this shitty relationship where I’m just trying to get to her.”

He also declined Christine’s offer to come and help Ysabel move, citing COVID restrictions as the reason he didn’t want to travel.

Christine responded, saying Kody’s relationship (or lack thereof) with her daughter is due to her own absence over the past few months, which she explained has been “absolutely devastating” for them.

The scenes come after an August 2022 interview with People magazine where Christine revealed she had to travel to New Jersey in September 2020 as Ysabel was undergoing corrective surgery for her scoliosis but Kody did not come with them as he did not want to travel during the pandemic.

Viewers also seemed to find Kody’s comment, suggesting Christine impacted his relationship with Ysabel, annoying.

Many pointed out that he was her father and that he should have a relationship with all of his children, regardless of his relationship with their mother.

Taking to Twitter after the episode aired, one fan wrote: “Kody didn’t want this ‘divorce’ to affect the relationship with his kids but when Christine and Ysabel let him know he could take the decision to be involved in his move he withdraws from any involvement at the time tells me he is the problem and not the situation #SisterWives.

“Kody can’t even commit to sending his daughter to college but thinks it’s Christine’s fault and Janelle’s fault that he has a shitty relationship with his kids. #SisterWives,” one wrote. other.

“Christine gave Kody one more chance to be there for Ysabel. To help her cross the country. And he still hasn’t taken it. He’s still using the pandemic as an excuse for not having a relationship with Christine’s children. #SisterWives,” added an unimpressed third viewer.

Elsewhere in the episode, Kody also struggled with his relationships with some of his other children, particularly his son, Garrison, who he shares with Janelle.

Kody remained unhappy after Garrison called him and said his COVID protocols, which were in place between the family’s various households while the show was filming, were too extreme.

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