Friday, December 2, 2022

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Klitschko goes to Bohlen: “Don’t you care if people die?”

Dieter Bohlen publicly criticized the sanctions imposed on Russia. Now Wladimir Klitschko reacts with clear words.


Dieter Bohlen doesn’t mince words and likes to distribute publicly to others it’s no secret. However, the DSDS juror rarely leaves the entertainment stage. Now, however, Bohlen has become unusually political. In an “Entrepreneur University” speech, the 68-year-old commented on the current situation – and spoke out clearly against Russian sanctions on stage.

“If they hadn’t imposed these sanctions and you sat at a table sensibly, then people wouldn’t need to do all this nonsense. Now we have to freeze, now we have to do this and that … it’s all shit,” he said. Bohlen. With the war in Ukraine you can “pack your bags, but that Russia is now selling gas to Asia for a lot more money and that the ruble is rising while the euro is falling,” he just doesn’t understand, says the music producer.

A statement that Wladimir Klitschko does not want to leave without comment. “I have heard and read here that sanctions against Russia are being questioned over and over again, especially in Germany. How can this be?”, Kiev mayor Vitali Klitschko’s brother posted on Twitter Wednesday evening and then addressed directly. to Dieter Bohlen: “I give it to you, Dieter Bohlen, it doesn’t matter if people die here? Don’t you care that Putin wants to destroy our country with rockets? Don’t you care that we are living a genocide against everything Ukrainian?”

The economic situation is currently “a major challenge for many people, including in Germany,” continued Klitschko. But it was Russia that attacked Ukraine. “How can you even think about doing business with this country?” He asks, before appealing: “Please don’t stop thinking about the people in Ukraine, where people die every day and under Russian terror they are suffering. who fall in love with Russian propaganda. Please help us Ukrainians even after eight months of war. Please don’t forget us! “

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