Friday, December 9, 2022

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King Charles meets Liz Truss and provides material for discussion

Conversations between royalty and the head of government are sacred in England. Little comes out, everything remains confidential. Yet now there are the headlines.

This constellation is special. Just two days after Liz Truss was officially named Prime Minister by the Queen, she died

Elizabeth II at Balmoral and her son became king. Charles III and Liz Truss share a destiny: they are new in their offices and for almost the same length of time.

Perhaps this is why the meetings between the two still cause a stir. In the recent past, in the Queen’s time, one of the regular hearings at Buckingham Palace with the head of government rarely made headlines. But now the “first regular weekly hearing” has taken place, as the same building wrote in an Instagram post of the Charles Truss meeting.

In the photo, it is Liz Truss in particular who grabs the attention of social media users. “Why is that so? She needs some lessons on how a bow works” or “You need to practice more Lizzy” are her comments. In a meeting with the king in September, Truss had to endure malicious comments online due to a seemingly embarrassing problem.

But that’s not the only excitement related to background speech. Because a short excerpt from the meeting could have been accompanied by cameras and is now spreading as a 15-second clip on social media. It doesn’t just show the Knicks being criticized – you can also hear snippets of conversation between the two.

“Your Majesty,” Liz Truss greets the king, bows to him and adds, “Nice to see you again. It’s a pleasure.” Charles III shakes her hand and then replies: “So you’re back? Oh dear, oh dear. Anyway.” The video ends abruptly, just before Charles begins a sentence with “Good”, but he can no longer be fully understood. He points to the camera in the room and the behind-the-scenes look at Buckingham Palace is over.

In addition to the prime minister’s bow, the way the king treated her is now also being discussed. Does this short excerpt give a realistic impression of the relationship? Probably only the two of them could explain it for themselves.

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