Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Kim Kardashian poses with Hillary Clinton and daughter Chelsea

Kim Kardashian is promoting her appearance in a documentary about Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea Clinton.

On Friday, the The Kardashians star shared a snap of the trio as she urged her 329 million followers to stream the series.

Kim captioned the picture: “I’m excited to be a part of Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton’s incredible journey to discover what it really means to be brave! Stream the documentaries now on @appletvplus @hillaryclinton.’

In 2019, Clinton, 47, and her daughter Chelsea, 42, wrote a book about many women who have achieved incredible things and overcome mountains of obstacles.

Her book featured the likes of Coretta Scott King, Billie Jean King, Amy Schumer and even Kim Kardashian;

Clinton recently clashed with Laura Ingraham in a Twitter spat over her decision to leave Queen Elizabeth II out of the project.

Ingraham felt the two had disrespected the monarch and made her feelings clear in a tweet to the former first lady.

“Hillary Clinton just wrote a book about ‘brave’ women. Guess which 96-year-old reigning monarch of 70 hasn’t taken her in? The news anchor tweeted.

The former first lady quipped back, “Thanks for spreading the word about #Gutsy Laura.

‘A book is now turned over [Apple TV+] For documentaries, it’s been a challenge to narrow down who should be featured because it’s true that there are just too many amazing women in the world,” Clinton added.

The former first lady also included a link to her series on Apple TV+.

Clinton’s response comes just days after paying tribute to the Queen.

On the day of the monarch’s death, the former Foreign Secretary tweeted: “Few in the history of mankind have led their people with such steadfastness and grace as Queen Elizabeth. My condolences to all who mourn their deaths today and the end of an era.

After backlash for not including the Queen on her “amazing women” show, Clinton appeared on Deadline for an interview, in which she discussed the monarch’s death and even called her “brave” despite removing her from her Series snubbed.

“The world has lost a brave woman with the death of Queen Elizabeth. A woman who has served her country with distinction and honor for 70 years, but even before that as a young woman during the war.

“Their sense of duty, honor and dedication I think are real models of virtue that we can all learn from as we move on.” she said Deadline.

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