Friday, December 2, 2022

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Kerby Joseph is praised by a former Lions Pro Bowler: “He’s got the talent.”

In 2022, Giants running back Saquon Barkley is stopped by Kerby Joseph leaning forward.


Detroit Lions safety Kerby Joseph has the potential to become a star, as the young player once again impressively demonstrated.

In an away game against the New York Giants, Joseph made one of the key plays of the game, catching a pass in the fourth quarter and ending a potentially successful New York drive.

The safety game has always been a challenge in Detroit, but Glover Quin may be the player who’s done it best of late. A Pro Bowl-winning Lions player, Quin was known for making the kind of key decisions and plays that Joseph is now beginning to produce.

Joseph could be the next to become a star in his position on the field, he tweeted during the game. Quin was asked about Joseph, a former security guard, and seemed extremely impressed.

If he can stay healthy and develop further, he will be good! He’s talented!” Quin tweeted.

Quin would undoubtedly recognize talent at the position if he saw it, having amassed 737 combined tackles, 24 interceptions and 10 forced fumbles in his career. He often had the knack of the big game and was a significant revenue generator for the Detroit Lions.

With three interceptions and two forced fumbles this season, Joseph is off to a great start as a Lion. If Quin notices these qualities in his game, it can only be seen as positive for the lions.

Although Joseph’s career is just beginning, he is already beginning to recruit former players to the team.

Watch Joseph’s Interception for Detroit

To change the momentum in fourth with New York driving mid-game, the Lions badly needed an interception. For Detroit, Joseph was able to move the ball around the field by stepping into a high pass.

Another look at the crucial Lions game that prevented New York from creating another scoring opportunity at a pivotal point in the game

Joseph has been a big backend play machine for Detroit so far this season, amassing three interceptions to his name. He was physical and aggressive and he seems to have a good sense of direction with the ball.

Joseph ‘born’ to be Bаllhаwk for Lions

What does Joseph attribute to his ability to play big? He was born with the ability to complete chores and find the ball, he told reporters after the game. Joseph claims the ball usually finds him, as he told The Athletic’s Colton Pouncey.

What makes a good ball hawk, I asked Kerby Joseph:

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