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Kelly Clarkson Teases ‘The Voice’ Return With Cryptic Post

Kelly Clarkson left “The Voice” for the first time in nearly a decade prior to season 22 of the show. The singer-songwriter and talk show host wanted to take the season off to spend time with her kids, but she now shares how “weird” it was not being on the show.

Now it looks like Clarkson will be returning to the singing competition show.

On October 11, 2022, the singer-songwriter posted a cryptic image to Instagram featuring just the yellow peace sign emoji. The peace sign is an echo of those on the set of “The Voice,” and it looks like she’ll be returning to the show.

Under Clarkson’s post, “The Voice” posted an eyeball emoji, sparking even more speculation among fans.

“ARE YOU BACK ON THE VOICE???? tell me I’m right,” one person commented.

Another person commented, “What does it mean? Hopefully something good!”

Clarkson teased her return to “The Voice” earlier during an interview with Variety.

She added: “That’s why taking this summer was so important to me, even if a lot of people were a little disappointed because I had a few things to do. Of course I stopped ‘The Voice’ this season because I just needed the space.”

When asked if she would return to the show in two seasons, the star almost seemed to slip.

“I sure… Um, I’ll probably be back on ‘The Voice’ someday,” she said, laughing awkwardly as if she’d just spilled the beans, according to Variety. “Maybe I’ll be back at ‘The Voice’.”

Clarkson welcomed Gwen Stefani to “The Kelly Clarkson Show” on October 3, 2022 to talk about “The Voice”, and the first thing she shared was that it was “weird” talking to Stefani while they were not on the show together. .

“It’s weird to me,” Clarkson said. “It’s weird not being there!”

Stefani shared that she also finds it strange to talk to Clarkson about the show when they are not together and that she feels that she is “cheating” Clarkson.

“I’m so excited when they announced Camila,” Clarkson revealed. “I was like, oh, well, way to fill the same personality!”

Previously, Clarkson made a stop on the “Today” show on August 23, 2022, and she opened up to Carson Daly, host of “The Voice”, and Hoda Kotb about her decision.

The singer-songwriter shared her reason for leaving the show.

“I hadn’t had a minute and it’s obviously been a rough couple of years so it was really important for me to pause for a moment,” Clarkson said, adding that one of her favorite parts of the summer was when she was “literally on four wheels in the mountains and walked along [the water].”

Clarkson told the hosts, “My sister, my cousin and I, and some friends, literally spent all summer in the mountains, getting out into nature.”

Her children, River, 8, and Remington, 6, went between her and her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, the talk show host said.

“It was nice because they usually have to travel a lot because of our divorce. We were both in Montana, so I think my kids felt a little more centered too,” she shared.

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