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Kelly Clarkson Reveals What She Told Her Kids During Her Messy Divorce

Divorce is always difficult, especially when children are involved. So when former “The Voice” coach, Kelly Clarkson, went through a tumultuous split with her children’s father, Brandon Blackstock, she had to take things cautiously.

On the October 6 episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Clarkson opened up about giving her daughter River, now 8, and son Remington, now 6, as she struggled to get through the divorce.

Speaking to guest, Mila Kunis, Clarkson revealed, “I tell my kids this all the time, you guys are each other’s buddies.” ‘You’re about two years apart. Especially since we were going through a divorce, right? So they go to their father and mine. So when you travel, you always have each other.”

The “Piece by Piece” singer continued, “So I always try to make them like buddies when they fight.” I’m like, ‘No, no, no. This is your wing man. You should stand up for each other. “Don’t talk about me all the time — unless it’s like super important, I’m like, ‘Don’t tell me — you can have your thing.'”

Kunis agreed with Clarkson’s advice, adding that her father always said, “The best thing your children can have is a common enemy. And if you are their common enemy, they will be the closest children on Earth. ” Clarkson was fully supportive of that strategy.

Kunis couldn’t believe that was true, but Clarkson quickly doubled up. “I’m not above it. You can judge me completely,” she insisted. “Write a book about it. I do not give a hoot. I totally lie to my kids.”

Kunis replied, “I love you so much! We just tell our kids we have plans when we don’t and then when the…” Clarkson interrupted her with the obvious truth: “That’s lying!”

The audience continued to laugh hysterically. Kunis tried to explain it by saying “that’s accidental lying because…” She got stuck in a conclusion, stopped herself and asked, “Is that a justification?” Clarkson agreed it was. Kunis then admitted, “We all lie to our kids, okay, we lie.”

Fans had fun with the conversation on Instagram. One fan wrote: “My biggest lie to my son is, ‘Target doesn’t open until after school – 3:00 pm.’ Another shared: “We can’t go to McDonald’s because I don’t have McDonald’s money.”

Another fan commented, “We told our son he was too old for Chuck E Cheese…when he was 4, we never had to go back.” Another confessed: “Love you Kelly Clarkson. We took our kids to FAO Schwartz and told them it was a museum.”

One viewer wrote: “I once told my kids we couldn’t go to Tim Hortons because it wasn’t our turn. I was amazed it worked.”

“Everyone lies or changes the truth to children. That’s just good parenting,” another fan summed up.

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