Monday, October 3, 2022

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Keke Palmer Indicates She’s Open to Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Moviegoers may one day have the chance to see Keke Palmer embody a superhero. At least the actress suggested she was open to the possibility.

The storyline of Palmer donning a superhero costume was posed by a TikTok user named Jacob Ford Ridgway, who recommended Hollywood producers cast the star as Rogue in any potential new Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film featuring featured the x-men character. The video of Ridgway pushing Palmer for the role has since gone viral with other social media users supporting his idea.

On Thursday, Ridway’s TikTok drew even more attention after Palmer herself shared it on her official Twitter account. in a sign that you approved the message contained in the clip, Palmer captioned the post, “Come on agenttttttttt.”

Palmer has yet to star in an MCU project, although she recently enjoyed starring in one of the summer’s biggest hits, Jordan Peele. Nope. She’s also no stranger to working with major franchises after recently lending her voice to the Disney/Pixar animated film. Light year.

Ridgway’s TikTok was inspired by a recent video Palmer shot for vogue, in which she styles different outfits. One of the fashion choices was matching leather pants and shirt, which Palmer said could “manifest a superhero role.”

Ridgway expressed excitement about Palmer taking on a superhero role, but he lamented choices such as DC’s Bumblebee and x-men‘s Storm that have been suggested by others in the comments section for voguethe video.

He said such choices “miss Keke’s personality, which makes her a fun and watchable actress”.

“If you want her to play a central role, she has to have room to play that role,” Ridgway continued. “There’s only one way I can think of to give her that fun, rambunctious role that she thrives in while pissing off a bunch of people: let her be Snape.”

The suggestion was met with overwhelming approval in the comments on TikTok.

“Dude Rogue is my favorite character and this is PERFECT for this character,” one person wrote.

Another TikTok user said, “This is a fire idea!!!”

After Palmer tweeted the video, Ridgway posted another video where he wrote that after being recognized by the star, “I will never fail.”

When contacted by Pleasemynews for a comment, Ridgway replied in an email, “Being a casting agent or similar contributor to film has been a longtime aspiration for me, so when it can combine my love of comics, I’m doubly invested in seeing the most perfect adaptations possible be made.”

He added: “I’m a phone call or email away if Marvel ever wants that kind of feedback in their office (it’s not a joke, I’d drop everything) and I’ve just started my freshman year in law school – the prospect of being Keke a real agent is not a remote possibility It makes me really happy to see such support for an idea of ​​mine and how excited it is for fans of X and Keke fans, I just hope the studios are willing to listen to that kind of genuine fan input rather than assuming what we would like.”

Marvel Studios hasn’t announced any imminent plans for a new x-men film or television project. The most recent live performance of Rogue was performed by actress Anna Paquin in 20th Century Fox x-men franchise that operated from 2000 to 2014.

Pleasemynews contacted Palmer for comment.

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