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Kathy Hilton is blown away about her feelings about Kyle Richards’ post ‘RHOBH’ reunion feud

Kathy Hilton’s antics are on everyone’s lips Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12. Her “meltdown” during the cast trip to Aspen — which apparently included a verbal condemnation of her sister, Kyle Richards — has been the subject of internet fodder for months. Kyle has since confirmed that Kathy apologized for what she said. But Kathy was blown away when it came to her feelings for Kyle in her post-RHOBA reunion feud.

RHOBA “Girlfriend” Kathy Hilton participated in the taping of the Season 12 reunion in September. And according to TMZ, it was intense, leaving her and her sister barely speaking to each other. Production insiders revealed that the only communication between Kathy and Kyle since recording was a few texts.

The preview of the reunion suggests that Kathy took on Lisa Rinna after the days of our lives Alum called Kathy for badmouthing the cast, as well as Kyle and her family. The insiders say it’s been difficult to watch the sisters say such horrible things to each other, both on and off camera. They claim it is “so shocking” and “difficult to watch”.

A source also noted that Kathy “unraveled” after walking on set, which ripped Kyle apart. There was also a moment when Kyle left the set because she was distraught after exchanging harsh words with Kathy.

After the reunion was taped, podcaster Christian Gray Snow posted his concerns for Kyle on Instagram. He wondered why she was so “visibly upset” in the trailer, and then Kathy showed up and randomly responded.

“Why is she upset and crying? I am the one [was] bullied and percussed [sic] for 10 months! Just cruel and disgusting,” Kathy wrote. Then Kyle replied, “Why [am I upset and crying]? You know exactly why. I don’t think I should tell you why.”

The socialite later clarified through her rep that “cruel and disgusting” was not a reference to her sister or her behavior. Instead, the rep told Page Six those words described the “treatment” Kathy received during her tenure RHOBA.

Despite those comments suggesting the sisters were still fighting, new reports claim Kyle and Kathy have reconciled. Apparently they have worked through their drama and get along well again.

Per TMZ, when Kathy attended the Carousel of Hope Ball with her husband Rick Hilton, she was asked if everything was okay between her and Kyle, and she replied, “Yes, that’s my sister, I love her.”

But a source told People that Kyle and Kathy “can’t reconcile,” and this time it’s more complicated than ever because no one is backing down.

“Kyle has been supportive of her sister for years and no matter what she does, Kathy is not happy,” the source said. “What we are observing is years of family trauma that has not been addressed in a family dynamic.”

part one of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The Season 12 reunion airs Wednesday, October 12 on Bravo.

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