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Kathy Griffin recalls her drug addiction in response to Hunter Biden’s voicemail

Kathy Griffin recounted the support she received from her husband, Randy Bick, in light of the leaked voicemail President Joe Biden left for his son, Hunter.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity released the voicemail message obtained by the British newspaper on Monday. Daily mail and was reportedly recorded on October 15, 2018, three days after Hunter Biden allegedly made a false statement while purchasing a gun.

In voicemail, Joe Biden said: “It’s daddy. I called to tell you that I love you. I love you more than the whole world, mate. You need to get help. I know you don’t know what to do. I don’t either. I’m here for whatever you need…I love you.”

Hunter Biden, 52, has been open about his history of drug use and his struggles with addiction, while his father said he was proud of his son for overcoming his issues.

After the audio was shared on Twitter, Molly Jong-Fast, 44, a contributing writer for vogue other Atlanticwrote about his own battles on Tuesday.

“I got sober when I was 19,” she tweeted, reposting Biden’s audio. “I used to get calls like this from family and friends.”

Suddenly Suzanne Star Griffin, 61, responded to Jong-Fast’s comment by talking about her own experience with prescription pill addiction.

“I hid my prescription drug addiction…from my family,” the comedian tweeted. “When I was really bothered I used to kick my husband out of the house and he would call me and leave me messages like this. I’m so grateful to have someone who truly loves me and cares like this. that. A LOT of recovery help.”

Following her lung cancer diagnosis last year, Griffin recalled a dark time in her life, when she wrote in a post on Twitter: “The last time I was in the hospital , it was june 2020 when i tried to kill myself and overdosed on prescription pills

“With over a year clean and drug free, I now know I can do this and anything I want without those evil pills,” added Griffin, who is cancer free. “You know what? I’m more afraid of drugs and addiction than cancer. So I think I’ll be fine.”

The Washington Post said Thursday that federal agents investigating Hunter Biden believe there may be enough evidence to bring charges against him for his 2018 gun purchase, as well as alleged tax crimes.

Its foreign business dealings could also face congressional investigations if Republicans take control of the House of Representatives in this year’s midterm elections.

As Hannity aired Biden’s audio, the Fox News host politicized the matter, saying one could “replace Biden’s name with Trump and imagine how the crowd and the media would cover it all up.” .

Some social media users slammed Hannity for spreading the voicemail and defended Joe Biden’s comments to his son.

“A parent expressing love and concern for their child is outrageous? I’m not sure I understand,” podcast host Rachel Vindman wrote.

Reporter Aaron Rupar shared a photo, showing a voicemail quote displayed during Hannity’s broadcast and wrote: “what a freak”.

Pleasemynews contacted the White House and a lawyer for Hunter Biden for comment.

In a statement to The Washington Post On Thursday, Chris Clark, an attorney for Hunter Biden, accused investigators of leaking information, which he said was a federal crime.

“As appropriate and legally required, we believe that prosecutors in this case are diligently and thoroughly evaluating not only the evidence provided by officers, but also all other witnesses in this case, including defense witnesses,” Clark said. “That’s the job of prosecutors. They shouldn’t be pressured, rushed or criticized for doing their job.”

the Daily mail said on Monday the voicemail was left on an “abandoned laptop” belonging to Hunter Biden.

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