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Kate Winslet is returning to filming new biopic film Lee after being hospitalized with a leg injury

Kate Winslet was stuck in the role on Monday as she returned to the set of her new movie Lee after being hospitalized over the weekend with a leg injury on set.

The 46-year-old actress appeared to be in full health again as she settled firmly into work mode, donning a khaki cargo jumpsuit for filming – which is taking place in the village of Kupari, Croatia.

The historical biopic chronicles the life of World War II correspondent Lee Miller, whom Kate portrays while appearing alongside the likes of Jude Law and Marion Cotillard.

Kate was dressed in a US military costume for filming, consisting of a khaki jumpsuit with a heavy belt and light green calf chaps.

Her golden tresses were styled in a tousled curl as they were partially pulled back into a half ponytail for some scenes while later wearing a hard hat uniform over it for others.

She appeared for filming without makeup and groomed with the cast and crew as they prepared and pressed her into her role before filming began.

And while filming the high-intensity scenes, Kate was photographed running across the outdoor set – which would serve as a war base in the 1940s.

A military utility vehicle was also on set, with extras playing snipers in the corner while the Titanic actress took center stage.

She appeared to have fully recovered from her recent on-set injury, which saw her rushed to Dubrovnik hospital after slipping during filming.

Photos obtained by the Croatian press show the star arriving at the city’s hospital in a black van, accompanied by several people.

Kate was examined by medics after the trip and given the green light to go home.

A rep for the film star told MailOnline: “Kate slipped and was taken to hospital as a precaution required by the production.

“She is fine and will be filming as planned this week.”

Kate has been announced to star in a new biopic about Vogue cover model and war correspondent Lee Miller in 2020.

Titled Lee, the film will follow the photojournalist’s life and experiences as she travels to the front lines of World War II and attempts to uncover the horrifying truths of the Nazis.

On her journey, she then discovers the truths of her own past.

The film is directed by Ellen Kuras, who was the cinematographer on Kate’s hit 2004 film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which also starred Jim Carrey.

It is based on the book The Lives of Lee Miller written by Lee’s son Antony Penrose.

Oscar winner Kate, who is also producing the film, previously said of her role: “A woman I admire immensely and am so excited to play in this film. An extreme lover, thinker, life-liver, cook, Vogue cover girl, war correspondent, icon, mother.”

Kate battled fit as she filmed underwater scenes for her new role in the upcoming Avatar movie earlier this month.

The role involves her getting back into the water tank to film underwater scenes – having previously suffered from hypothermia.

Kate, best known for portraying Rose in Titanic, spent months in the water while filming the emotional 1997 film and fell ill as a result.

But that hasn’t stopped the star from thriving in her new role in Avatar sequel The Way Of Water.

The Oscar winner plays Ronal – one of the underwater creatures closely related to the Na’vi.

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