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Kate Ritchie says she’s a ‘proud mom’ as daughter Mae, eight, performs at the festival

Kate Ritchie proved she has just a little bit of the stage mom gene when she shared a photo of her daughter performing on Monday.

The 43-year-old actress and radio host was busy taking pictures when her eight-year-old daughter Mae posed on stage at a local festival.

Mae wore a black leotard and appeared to have attended a dance performance.

Kate knelt in front of her daughter and friend and snapped photos of the beaming couple on her phone.

“Proud mom does what proud mummies do,” she wrote in her caption alongside the picture.

It comes after Kate said she won’t encourage Mae to follow in her footsteps and instead wants her to make her own path in life.

Kate, who rose to fame as Sally Fletcher in ‘Home and Away’, told The Australian Women’s Weekly that she was ‘not pushing her child in any direction’.

“Everyone on Home and Away thought I was just working part-time, and everyone at school thought I had the best job in the world because I had to drop out of school early,” she said.

“But combine it all together and it’s a bit crowded! I just want to make sure I’m not pushing Mae in any direction. I don’t want her to think she belongs to anyone but herself.”

Kate said her daughter, who she shares with ex-husband Stuart Webb, has already expressed interest in starting a YouTube channel, which she says “will never happen”.

Although she doesn’t promote her vlogging career, she is keen for Mae to pursue extracurricular activities that she enjoys.

“I encourage them to try a lot of different things. She dances on Saturdays, does gymnastics and swims,” ​​she said.

“Because the only thing I didn’t do growing up – I was a bit busy working on a TV show – was I never did any extracurricular sports and never learned a musical instrument.”

Kate was cast as Sally in Home and Away in 1988 when she was eight years old. She left the Channel Seven soap opera in 2008.

She recently admitted she was having a hard time finding her own identity outside of her famous character after starring on the show for 20 years.

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