Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Kate and Camilla mourn Queen Elizabeth II: in pictures

Kate Middleton and Camilla have greeted mourners and supported the monarchy as Britain prepares to say a final farewell to its longest reigning monarch.

The new Princess of Wales and the Queen Consort shared a car as their husbands Prince Willian and King Charles III walked in procession behind Queen Elizabeth II en route to Westminster Hall where he has been in state since Wednesday September 14 .

Since then, the two women have stood alongside their husbands to meet the public and perform royal duties at a time of public mourning.

Kate and Camilla joined forces to greet dignitaries at a lunchtime reception for the Governors General of the Commonwealth realms, countries which include the British monarch as head of state.

At one point, the Princess was seen laying a sympathetic hand on the arm of the Governor General of Saint Lucia, Cyril Errol Melchiades Charles.

Camilla and Kate were also lucky enough to spend time together and were seen chatting in an unsupervised moment, at Buckingham Palace on September 17, 2022.

Kate joined Prince William for a visit to Pirbright Army Training Center where they met Commonwealth troops deployed to Britain to attend the Queen’s funeral.

New Zealand soldiers performed the Maori Haka for the couple and they also met with Australian and Canadian servicemen.

Kate gave a window into how the Royal Family itself dealt with Elizabeth’s death so close to the Platinum Jubilee, when her 70-year reign was publicly celebrated in June 2022.

She said: “To go from this to this in a matter of months is very strange.”

The Princess of Wales met well-wishers at the gates of Sandringham Estate where the Queen spent Christmas for most of her reign.

Quoted by MailOnlineMourner Fran Morgan, 62, said: “[Kate] said she couldn’t believe how many cards and flowers there were. But she also said, “I can’t read them all or I’ll cry.”

Charles and Camilla were booed as their car pulled into Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff, and the new queen consort also stumbled over her heels but recovered well.

The couple were seen smiling as they met well-wishers on September 16, 2022, three days before the Queen’s funeral on Monday September 19.

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