Friday, December 2, 2022

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Kamala Harris hasn’t been allowed to use emojis since becoming vice president

Kamala Harris has had to sacrifice her use of emojis since taking on the role of Vice President of the United States.

The first female vice president made the ironic comment while appearing as a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers. She also discussed living with a big security detail, Joe Biden’s marijuana pardon plan and the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. calfcalling it a “travesty of justice”.

Taking a break from serious matters, talk show host Seth Meyers asked the 57-year-old how her life had changed since becoming the 49th vice president.

“Obviously you have to make a lot of sacrifices to hold this position but is it true that you can’t send emojis anymore? Meyers asked.

“Okay, high class issues,” Harris acknowledged. “I haven’t received, directly, an emoji for a year and a half.”

With safety protocols in place, Harris suggested she could no longer be part of group chats or send and receive occasional messages.

“For example, our family is very competitive whether it’s Wordle or other things and family group chat isn’t a thing anymore,” Harris said. “It was my stepdad’s birthday and we were talking to the kids and I thought, okay, the kids can make a video for his birthday, and normally I’d send the family text, but this time, we had to do like a telephone tree.”

It’s not just Harris’ phone habits that have had to change since she took office. She explained how her life with her husband was also forced to change.

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“I know we joked about that too,” Harris said. “But we like to go for walks, and these days the walks are quite different.” With all security personnel protecting them at all times, she then compared their outings these days to a scene of The Godfather.

“You know that scene when Michael is in Italy, he had to leave? He’s courting this woman and they decide to walk around the village. So the picture is just the two of them taking this lovely walk and then it happens and the whole village is with them. That’s how our walks are.

Harris’ appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers Monday was her first appearance on a late-night TV show since becoming vice president in January 2021.

Most of his 15-minute appearance was spent discussing political issues aside from the aforementioned brief glimpse into his personal life.

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