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JUST IN: Tori Roloff broken into, shows photos of aftermath

On September 19, 2022, Tori Roloff, of “Little People, Big World” fame, revealed that her home had been broken into. The reality star was doing her hair when someone smashed a window in her car and grabbed a wallet that was in the vehicle.

“Why do people suck so bad?” Roloff captioned the first photo showing broken glass in the passenger seat of her car. “Everyone is safe,” she captioned another photo on her Instagram Stories. “Someone really wanted an empty wallet. I’m so glad I was alone and my kids weren’t with me,” she added.

Roloff and her husband Zach are parents to three young children, Jackson, Lilah and Josiah.

The TLC star went on to explain what happened after she received several concerned messages.

Here’s what you need to know:

Roloff shared some videos where she told her Instagram followers that she wasn’t in her car, wasn’t hurt, and that the burglar hadn’t kissed anything. However, the incident was terrifying.

“K, so I just wanted to jump on this and thank everyone who has reached out and asked if I’m fine and I’m all right. I wasn’t in my car. I was doing my hair. So I wasn’t near my car, thank goodness,” she said.

“I just felt so violated and, like, icky, like it was just the worst feeling getting out of my car like that,” she explained. “And some are so stupid, because whoever did that, they got nothing. There was nothing in the wallet that was there. And we immediately called our banks to have our cards closed,” she continued.

“So thank you to whoever did that. You cost me $400 to have my window replaced and, gosh, when you’re in Vancouver, be careful. People are the worst,” she added.

Roloff told her followers about a gospel talk she heard at church the day before the incident.

“Okay, I also thought this was a good time to share this too, because yesterday at church the sermon was all about how to like, respond to a crisis,” she said. She went on to tell a story about the Scriptures, referring to Mark 4:35.

“It’s about how all these fishermen got on their boat, and there came a storm, and they all panicked and then realized that Jesus was on the boat,” she said. The fishermen woke him up and he asked them why they had no faith. As the Gospel reads, Jesus calmed the storm.

“It just reminded me of that because it’s exactly how we respond to crises [sic] is not always the normal or the best way to do that. Even a small crisis, like this one, puts everything in a bigger perspective. It’s like Jesus has this and it’s just a car,” she concluded.

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