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Jordan Wiseley Shares Strong Take On ‘Challenge’ Rival Johnny Bananas

Champions Johnny Bananas and Jordan Wiseley are back for “The Challenge: Ride or Dies,” and the latter recently shared his take on the seven-time winner.

This article contains spoilers for the first episode of “The Challenge: Ride or Dies,” which premiered on October 12.

Both men did not appear in the opening episode of the 38th season of “The Challenge’s,” except for Bananas who walked into the elimination grounds to set up a cliffhanger for episode two.

Bananas and Jordan, however, are official competitors to “The Challenge: Ride or Dies,” and Heavy’s Stephen McCaugherty recently spoke with Jordan ahead of the season. The three-time “Challenge” champion talked about Johnny, as well as other cast members such as his ex-fiancé, Tori Deal and fellow champion Turbo.

You can watch the entire interview below via the embedded YouTube video:

When asked where he stands with Bananas in terms of relationship and rivalry, Jordan replied:

“Tons of respect. I don’t know that there are many who work harder in it (out of season). Johnny is up there, Johnny must be one of the top five who worked hard in the off season and kept himself in shape. And so the amount of time that goes into his condition and recovery and everything, the man pays his dues, and he puts it in.

“So in terms of competition, I’m always respectful, but I’m going to beat you**. You know what I mean? Every time he’s there, it’s like a brother-on-brother thing. It’s like I’m going to get you. And I think we’ve come to know that when he and I are on seasons, like longer and stuff, it’s just better.

“We know when we are there and are able to push everyone and make things better. So let’s go to the final, let’s finish it.”

Jordan knows, however, that if Johnny gets the chance to take a shot at taking him out and potentially sending him home, Bananas can seize the moment.

“But as you saw on ‘Total Madness,’ when they got shot, they’ll take it,” Jordan said.
‘Like, they’re not dummies, you know? He’s not a dummy to think he’s going to win a marathon. But the man knows how to play the game. So you have to treat him with respect.”

Overall, Jordan is “always happy” to see a “Challenge” legend with him during a season, such as champions Chris “CT” Tamburello and Wes Bergmann. Jordan said the presence of a remarkable “Challenge” figure takes the game to a new level and helps create the “best show” in the reality TV competition universe.

“I’m always happy when I see the Johnnys, the Wes’, the CTs,” Jordan said. “These guys who are still competing at a very, very high level. For example, look at CT. In fact, I’d argue that he might be looking his best as it seems like he has the stamina now. Right?

“I think that’s what CT kind of missed in the early s, but that guy is an animal. So I’m thrilled to see that because I know we’re going to have classic, just rock hard ‘Challenge’ play in the house to get.

“These people were talking about what I just mentioned, the game is inherently different when we’re in the house. That’s how the house is different. The way we compete is different, like everyone moves up a little bit. And there are very few people who do that So when I see them standing there I love it We’re the best We’re the best show We’re the best competition show in the world Okay, anybody can eat our dust.

“Everyone is after us, so I want us all to be at that level.”

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