Sunday, September 25, 2022

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Joe Biden: his tribute to Queen Elizabeth that ‘reminds him of his mother’

As the world paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II following her death last week, US President Joe Biden also made a point of honoring the monarch’s memory, admitting that she reminds him a little of his own mother.

The day before his funeral, the leader of the United States and his wife went to Westminster Hall for a moment of meditation with the British royal family and then met for a dinner at Buckingham Palace hosted by King Charles III.

Joe Biden compared the Queen to his own mother, who also died, and fondly joked about meeting her at Windsor Castle in 2021. For a moment, he admits to “eating whatever she puts in front of him.”

“She matched the image people have of her,” the president said. “Decent, honorable and willing to serve their people.”

Joe Biden added the monarch reminded him of his mother, “She leaned in, she asked you if you were alright. What can I do for you? What do you need?”

Thousands of people traveled to London today to pay their respects to the Queen and large numbers of people queued for hours to see the monarch’s body which was on display for a few hours.

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