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Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson were semi-estranged at the peak of their careers

Being a famous family has its pros and cons, and the Jackson family knows it all too well. Michael Jackson is arguably the most famous Jackson sibling – alongside his sister Janet. The couple both had successful careers and were vehemently supportive of each other. But Janet admits that her work has kept her very distant at times.

Although Michael and Janet are the two youngest Jackson siblings, and although they are closest in age and grew up best friends, their mega careers would hurt their relationship. While promoting her sixth studio album, The velvet roperevealed to Janet that she hadn’t had any contact with her brother for a while.

When asked if they speak to each other, Janet admitted they don’t. “Are we friends? Yes. Are we enemies? No. Have I spoken to him recently? No I haven’t. It’s kind of embarrassing. I hate to say how long it’s been since I’ve even seen my brother – two years. But he’s on tour. I haven’t even seen my nephew,” she told VIBE Magazine. By that time, Michael had become a first-time father to his eldest son, Prince.

But Janet says their busy schedules kept them apart. “It’s just that when everyone was invited to the ranch to meet up [his new son] Prince, I was making the album and there was no way to get home for the day,” she explained.

In fact, Janet revealed that the last time they saw or spoke was due to a medical emergency. Janet rushed to his side and even missed an important career event. “The last time I saw and spoke to my brother was when he was in the hospital. He was supposed to be doing the show for pay-per-view or HBO or something – it was the night of the 1996 Billboard Awards and I was supposed to receive an award that night. I didn’t even accept my award. I went straight to the hospital,” she added.

It was unfortunate that their careers kept them apart, as only a few years earlier they had worked together on a major project for the first time in their solo careers. In 1995 their duet “Scream” was released. The song was a throwback to the intense media scrutiny that Michael has faced over the child abuse allegations leveled against him.

In the song, Michael sings, “Tired of injustice / Tired of plans / The lies are disgusting / So what does it mean? / Damn / Kick me don / I gotta get up / As jacked as it sounds / The whole system sucks / Damn.”

The family rallied around Michael and supported him publicly and privately while Janet attended his court hearings. That poetic justice Star told MTV News about the song in 2009, “‘Scream’ was such a busy time,” she said. “That’s when the – I hate to say this, but – the first allegations [of child molestation] came out and the whole bit. He was very upset and very angry, and he had bottled up so much that he wanted to get out and say it. And if you listen to the lyrics, it’s about that.”

She explained that the song’s lyrics have a double meaning. “I played the role I’ve always played in his life: his little sister, who was by his side, who had his back no matter what,” she added. “That was ‘Scream’ for me.”

Janet released a four-part documentary series on Lifetime/A&E Networks in January 2022, in which she delved into her private life like never before. The documentary team followed Janet over a period of three years. One of the topics she spoke about was her bond with Michael.

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