Friday, December 2, 2022

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ITV’s This Morning descends into chaos as fire alarm goes off

ITV’s This Morning was thrown into chaos on Friday when a fire alarm went off while it was being broadcast live.

Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary, who were presenting the show from their local pub rather than the ITV studios, were forced to take a quick commercial break while interviewing Mel B.

The Spice Girl entertained viewers when she started screaming, “Oh my god, that’s it, we’re done,” as she stormed off amid the fire drill.

Alison and Dermot burst out laughing, revealing: “We’ve got an alarm in the middle of a live show, this is live TV. Does that mean we have to go?”

Mel B then quipped: “It does, it does, there’s a fire alarm, come on. We’re done talking, it’s coming Monday,” while continuing to promote her new show Trailblazers: A Rocky Mountain Trip.

When Alison stopped Mel from dragging her off set, the singer sat down to read what came off the autocue on the show.

Struggling to read the screen as the familiar theme tune began playing, she asked everyone to engage with her as she is dyslexic.

Alison and Dermot were left on the sofa as This Morning switched to a commercial break.

MailOnline have reached out to ITV for comment on the incident and they have now confirmed it was a “false alarm”.

When they got back, Mel slammed “health and safety” as no one had attempted to leave the studio when he heard the alarm.

She exclaimed, “Imagine if it were on fire we wouldn’t even move.”

The fire alarm then went off a second time during the dress to impress for a shorter portion of the show, with Alison and Dermot confirming they know it’s not real and will continue with the show.

The duo did not present from their regular seat at the ITV studios, instead presenting themselves from their local pub to celebrate England’s upcoming game against Wales at tonight’s World Cup.

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