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Is The Amazing Race Season 34 New Tonight? Evidence points to Rich and Dom finishing last

The third episode of The amazing race Season 34 kicked off a megaleg, meaning it ended with a black screen that said “to be continued”. The end of the stage is recorded The amazing race Season 34 Episode 4 tonight October 12 on CBS. And we think we know which team host Phil Keoghan will drop out of the race.

The amazing race Season 34, Episode 4, Everyone’s an Artist, airs tonight, October 12, on CBS.

The Episode 4 synopsis stated, “Teams continue the megaleg and make their way to Florence, where they carve a sculpture out of a large block of plaster and crash a fashion photo shoot.”

In the first half of the leg The amazing race The Season 34 cast traveled from Austria to Bologna, Italy. There they had to make a detour, either identifying body parts or delivering a large wheel of cheese to a restaurant. After completing this task, the racers encountered a roadblock. One member of each team had to correctly assemble a Ducati Panigale V4 bike.

After the roadblock, the teams were ordered to keep running and go to Villa Bardini in Florence for their next roadblock. There they have two more chores to complete before heading to the pit stop to greet host Phil Keoghan.

Marcus and Michael Craig were the first team to exit the roadblock at the end The amazing race Season 34, Episode 3. They are currently in first place in the third leg.

After Marcus and Michael’s first placement, the order of the other teams is:

At the end of the episode, Glenda and Lumumba were the only ones on the Ducati Roadblock. They weren’t too far behind Rich and Dom, however. And there it is The amazing race Season 34 episode 4 will be picked up tonight.

With Rich, Dom, Glenda and Lumumba being so far from the other teams in the first half of the Megaleg, we’re expecting either team to go home tonight The amazing race Season 34, Episode 4. And we have reason to believe that Rich and Dom will be eliminated.

Glenda and Lumumba proved to be a strong team despite losing early in the third leg. We believe they will catch up with the other groups after completing the Bologna roadblock. In comparison, Rich and Dom struggled in the first two legs. Your time in the race may be up after the Megaleg.

Also, in the promo for Everyone’s an Artist, Dom seems to have trouble with the Roadblock sculpt. She says, “I can’t do this.” Later in the video, Dom has trouble breathing and cries, “Why is that so hard?”

However, fans will have to watch the episode to see if our theory is correct.

The amazing race Episode 4 of Season 34, Everyone’s an Artist, airs tonight, October 12 at 10:00 p.m. ET on CBS.

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