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Is Survivor season 43 airing tonight? Here’s why we think of geo sheets

There is only one tribe survivor Season 43 Tribal Council has avoided so far – Coco. The tribe’s six castaways — Lindsay Carmine, Geo Bustamante, Cassidy Clark, Karla Cruz Godoy, Ryan Medrano, and James Jones — have stayed strong through three episodes. However, we think the game could catch up with them tonight survivor Season 43 Episode 4.

The fourth episode of survivor Season 43, “Show No Mercy,” airs tonight, October 12, on CBS.

The Episode 4 synopsis states: “A tribe makes a strategic decision in this week’s Immunity Challenge that sends another tribe to the Tribal Council. Also, a shipwrecked person’s paranoia and overconfidence risks bringing them down.”

“Show No Mercy” continues after the Tribal Council of the Vesi Tribe, where they voted out Nneka Ejere. In episode 3, Mike Gabler learned that Elie Scott and Jeanine Zheng were searching his bag at Camp Baka. Over at Coco’s, Karla found the advantage of caution. She opened it after some hesitation and completed the task it had told her to do.

At the Immunity Challenge, Baka and Coco won, sending Vesi to their second straight tribal council. Before the vote, however, Noelle Lambert, Dwight Moore and James went to a summit where they pledged to work together on the merger. The men let Noelle have the advantage in what was a steal-a-vote. She didn’t have to use it as the tribe agreed to send Nneka home to preserve her strength.

The first survivor Season 43 Episode 4 Promo aired after Episode 3 teasing the next Immunity Challenge. Before the start of the competition, host Jeff Probst informed the castaways that the winning tribe would be able to steal from one of the other two tribes’ camps. So we are faced with a cutthroat episode of survivorPeople.

Based on the video, it appears Coco is the tribe whose camp is being raided. James says, “If they play games, that’s war.” Vesi’s Cody Assenmacher then says, “What man of war?” This could be an editing trick, or Vesi could be stealing from Coco.

CBS has released another preview for Episode 4, which includes more evidence of Coco going to the Tribal Council. In the video, Cassidy tells the cameras, “They really want to hit us hard,” leading us to believe that Coco loses the Immunity Challenge and the victorious tribe steals from their camp. And Lindsay reveals that Baka and Vesi work together during the challenge.

If Coco goes to the tribal council, Geo will likely be voted out. Based on the second promo for the episode of survivor In season 43 tonight, he is the high-spirited castaway referred to in the synopsis.

In a confessional, Geo declares, “I feel like I’m in charge right now.” And Karla is heard saying, “This ego gets in the way.”

Geo seems sure of his place as the top dog in the Coco tribe. However, viewers know that Karla holds the most power in her camp. She hovers between two alliances. And we think Karla will side with Lindsay, Cassidy and James when Coco goes to the tribal council tonight. Geo and Ryan are too close as a duo and Coco will likely want to break them up.

Needing to keep their tribe strong, it’s more likely the castaways will keep Ryan and vote Geo out. But only time will tell if our prediction is correct.

survivor Episode 4 of Season 43, “Show No Mercy,” airs tonight, October 12 at 8:00 p.m. ET on CBS.

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