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iPhone: when should the battery be replaced?

Do you have a problem with the battery life of your iPhone? You often need to charge the phone to use it. At some point the question arises as to whether you should replace the iPhone battery. In this article you will have the answer whether you should replace the battery or even change the smartphone.

Indeed, the rapid loss of autonomy leads us to replace the battery of an iPhone. Typically, after 1 or 2 years of use, a battery wears out. Then she will start to lose her autonomy. In addition, the durability depends on the frequency of use of the iPhone.

In addition, the wear and tear of the battery also affects the performance of the smartphone. In other words, the loss of battery life decreases the performance of the processor. This causes slowdowns during use. You will certainly be tempted to opt for newer models. In fact, it can be the iPhone 13 and 14 models.

The best time to replace a phone battery is after 2-3 years of use. In addition, a phone’s battery starts to lose capacity after 2 years of use. In addition, recharging takes time and the autonomy decreases quickly.

Before replacing, remember to check your iPhone model. To do this, you have several options for carrying out the check, e.g. B. View the information on the packaging of your iPhone. Finally, you also need to go to Settings and then General and Information.

However, replacement is required once the maximum capacity of the battery is less than 80% of the original one. To perform the check, go to IOS Settings > Battery > Battery Status.

The battery of your iPhone swells, it has problems maintaining its autonomy. In this case, it is imperative to change the battery to get better use of the smartphone. In addition, the defect of the latter can damage the phone.
Also, remember to take precautions when removing the battery from the iPhone. You can use iRemover liquid. In fact, it serves to dissolve the adhesives that hold the battery. So you can easily remove it from the case. After that, you can put in the new battery to get better use out of your iPhone.

However, it is better to use the newer models if the battery has been affecting the operation of your phone. In addition, a phone with a swollen battery has already reduced its original capacity.

In addition, charging the phone with a battery in poor condition can become impossible. The problem can come from the charging port or the phone itself. This is therefore a reason to swap out the phone for a recently released model. In particular, they offer more advanced services.

In summary, you can change the battery from the second year of using your iPhone. This will save you from a significant loss of autonomy, affecting the smartphone’s processor. Also, choosing a newer model is a good idea for more power. You will buy a new iPhone instead of changing the battery.

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