Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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I’m a Celebrity 2022: Jill Scott wants to see David Beckham naked at her dream dinner party

Jill Scott would like a naked David Beckham to cook at her dream dinner party.

The former footballer, 35, who is engaged to longtime friend Shelly Unitt, made the reveal on Thursday’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! while the group talks about their perfect dinner guests.

Comedian Seann Walsh kicked off the conversation, asking, “What about the dinner party guests — let’s say one alive, one dead, one fictional, who do you want?”

Jill – whose partner said the athlete plans to do charity work after her jungle stint – said: “Joey from Friends, Princess Diana and Roy Keane. Princess Diana was just such an inspiring woman, I just want to hear the full story.

“And then I can have naked chef David Beckham.”

Seann said, “Why not?! He may wear an apron but no clothing underneath.”

Jill – who recently spoke out about coming out as gay – laughed, “Perfect party.”

In the Bush Telegraph, Jill said, “I think if Beckham woke up in anybody’s kitchen, nobody would focus on the food.”

Meanwhile, former Health Secretary Matt Hancock made his choice: “Dead man, I would have JFK, absolutely fascinating and apparently one of the most charming people who ever lived.”

Seann said, “You could ask him who he thinks shot him.”

Matt replied: “I think when someone is dead, asking them who killed them is probably a bit of morbid conversation.

“I want to say Kevin Keegan. I never met him. Fictional character Pocahontas. Apparently it wasn’t made up, so I couldn’t have it…”

Seann laughed in the Bush Telegraph: “Pocahontas! Matt, you can have anyone… doesn’t have to be a drawing… Pocahontas. I think we’re really getting to know the whole Matt Hancock here.”

West Suffolk MP Matt added: “And I will have Marilyn Monroe as my naked cook. she is [Jill] got David Beckham!’

Former rugby player Mike Tindall said: “Dead I would have Robin Williams. I just think he was a genius. Come in as Mrs. Doubtfire and run away and come back as Robin Williams. That would be the best.

“Alive, Samuel L. Jackson, I just think he’s the king of cool. Fictional, I’d take Jason Bourne just in case the shit goes down.

Elsewhere, Seann added to his choices: “Alive, it is between Jerry Seinfeld and Jim Carrey. There would be no awkward silences with Jim Carrey.

‘dead- [Charlie] Chaplin – the greatest comedy icon of all time. I would make him do slapstick at the dinner table.

“Fictional, it must be Ray from Ghostbusters.

And on his dinner party menu, Seann added: “Fish fingers, fries and beans. Instead of beans I use spaghetti rings. [fellow campmate] owen [is my naked chef].’

I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! continues on Friday at 9.15pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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