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"If you can’t do anything, your mother won’t help either"

His mother is one of Germany’s most famous film stars. In the t-online interview, she reveals why she Lilly Krug didn’t initially want to be an actress.

“Schtonk!”, “Tatort”, “Voll normaaal” or “The Manns – A Century Novel” made

Veronica Ferres to the famous actress. But it was precisely this hype that initially dissuaded her daughter Lilly Krug from appearing in front of the camera herself. Years later, the 21-year-old is an aspiring film industry star herself, so Lilly has already shot with stars like Gerard Butler or “Riverdale” crush Charles Melton.

In an interview with , Lilly Krug reveals how the daughter of Veronica Ferres and Martin Krug ended up in the cinema, why she still wants to study despite her international career as an actress and why she had to speak to a psychologist for her first leading role in the thriller “Shattered”. t-online.

t-online: Your mother Veronica Ferres is a famous actress. Did your professional aspiration come from you?

Lilly Krug: No not at all! After graduating from high school I didn’t know what I wanted to do so I took a gap year. I’ve tried several things, but I’ve noticed that a computer job doesn’t make me happy. I had the chance to take part in the short film “Malou”. It was spontaneous, but it inspired me in the long run.

In which way?

Shooting was very tiring because we had to do a lot in a short time. But I came home every night and felt fine. That was the first time I did something that totally inspired me.

Was this your first acting experience?

On this scale yes. Before that, I was acting in musicals or playing theater in school – that was actually one of my main subjects. I wrote a play and directed it. What surprised me about “Malou”: that I liked the job so much. At first I thought: I don’t want to take my mother’s job.

How come? Did you deliberately want to distinguish yourself professionally from your mother?

Yes, at first. When I was a kid, I was often on set in a trailer, waiting for my mom. As a result, I never saw the bright side of the job. So for me it was clear: I wanted to find my way. It’s ironic that this was right under my nose, but I didn’t see it.

And this path led you to the film “Shattered”, your first leading role. What attracted you to the femme fatale character?

I was allowed to show so much with my Sky role. I mime the beautiful girl, but also the crazy psychopath. The fact that I was able to show so many different facets in my first leading role is the greatest gift of an actress.

Nude scenes, stunts, an English script. How did the preparations go?

I had six weeks of stunt training, then worked with an acting coach and talked to psychologists.

Why with a psychologist?

You have to prepare yourself as well as possible for a role that brings together such stark opposites. Nothing can surprise you on set anymore. You can’t think too much while shooting, you have to know your role inside and out.

Are there more international role offers now?

“Shattered” gave me a chance to show a little more. I had a few more castings, yes. New options have emerged, new contacts. However I’m still studying. This is important to me.

Can you master your studies and career at the same time?

Fortunately, college and acting can be reconciled. Many seminars are held online. I can also learn a lot during filming breaks, during makeup or at night. During the filming of “Shattered” I had to suspend my studies for a semester. This can be done at my university.

I can imagine it being very stressful.

I believe where there is a will, there is a way. And I’m pretty strong-willed! The bare minimum is to try something. When I realize that I’m reaching my limits, I don’t give up, but I look for a solution. Like the semester off while filming “Shattered.”

You live in Los Angeles, but your family and many friends live in Germany. How do you manage the social balance between two continents?

I love sending voice messages, because despite the time difference, you can say a lot and hear the other person’s voice. I have great friends. When we meet again in Germany, it’s like I’ve never been away. If we don’t see each other for a few weeks, the friendship doesn’t change.

You work a lot in the US. Is it an advantage not to be immediately associated with your mother there?

It’s cute, yes. But I also have to say that I have never been asked about my mother at castings in Germany. I have always been seen as an independent person. If you can’t do anything as an actress, even the famous mother won’t help you. Then no one will hire you just because of your name.

If, for example, a “crime scene” request came from Germany, would that be possible?

I live out of a suitcase, so to speak. I moved to the US, but surprisingly little stayed there. There was filming and engagements in Puerto Rico and also in Europe. I’m just where the work is. And if it’s in Germany, I’ll be really happy. But if I have to go to Africa, South America or Budapest, I’m also happy. The main thing is that I can work!

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