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"I often feel alone with my son"

Christina and Matthias Ginter have been in a relationship for seven years. But life as a footballer’s wife also has its downsides.

At the World Cup, players also receive support from their families. For example, Ann-Kathrin Götze, Izabel Goulart and Lina Kimmich traveled to Qatar. Christina Ginter is also there to support her husband Matthias during the World Cup.

“We provide support and motivation for our men,” explains Christina Ginter in an interview with “Bunte”. “You live in a bubble, so it’s nice to go out for four hours and meet family. And if there are defeats, I rebuild Matthias.”

They won’t be seen often. “Some days, especially after days, we will be able to meet Matthias”. On other days they have to spend on the phone. It’s not easy, especially for their son. “At that age, Matteo still doesn’t understand why his father was away for so long”.

The World Cup does not seem to be an exceptional case. Because even at home it is

Matthias Ginter is busy with football almost every day. “The schedule is incredibly full, my husband is not only out on match day, but the day before. And the day after he has to regenerate,” says the 28-year-old. With two games a week, the pair only have one day off for the family.

Christina Ginter has come to terms with the situation. “But I’m lucky: When Matthias comes home, he helps me tidy up the kitchen and puts our son to bed. I don’t feel like a single parent, but I often feel alone with my son.”

Matthias and Christina Ginter have known each other since they were children in Freiburg, but things only got wild later. In 2014 Matthias Ginter won the World Cup with the national team. A year later, the footballer and ballet teacher became a couple. In 2018 they sealed their love with the word yes. Their son Matteo was born in 2019.

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