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How the creators of ‘Wednesday’ made sure the Addams Family Show wouldn’t be a ‘Harry Potter rip-off’

The Netflix series Wednesday is a new reboot of The Addams Family. That’s already a franchise that spans a TV sitcom, two live-action films, and two animated films. So what does it have to do with Harry Potter? Well, it’s about magic, monsters and a boarding school, so the creators didn’t want it to be another Harry Potter.

Wednesday Creators Al Gough and Miles Millar were featured on The Hollywood Reporter’s The top 5 of television Podcast on October 28 for a preview of the series. Wednesday now streaming on Netflix.

Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) attends Nevermore Academy. Her classmates include a werewolf, a boy with Medusa, and other human creatures. With all the magic on Wednesdaythe creators, including director Tim Burton, wanted it to be more real than the world of Hogwarts.

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“Tim definitely wanted it to be grounded and I think that was something we all worked for as well,” Millar continued The top 5 of television. “We definitely wanted to make sure that it didn’t feel like a Harry Potter ripoff, that it felt distinctly Addamsy both in terms of tone, which I think is a lot more comedic, and in terms of Addams Family. And I think so Wednesday is such a perfect marriage for tim as he has a naturally dark sensibility which is the opposite of harry potter which is very cute i think. That was something he definitely brought about.”

Gough and Millar hired Burton for a reason. They wanted him to bring the Burton to The Addams Family.

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Burton has pushed his darkness before. Batman returns was beaten up by his parents in 1992. Gough never worried that Burton would press Wednesday too far.

“I think there’s an Addams tone and a Tim Burton tone,” Gough said. “Tim was always very good at it too. Like all of us, we grew up watching Tim’s films. We kind of knew where the guardrails were on either side so it didn’t tip too much into one thing.”

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