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‘House of the Dragon’ Fans Confused Over Scene That Could Decide Jace’s Fate

Dragon House fans scratched their heads in Episode 8 after a character struggled with a skill they should have mastered.

The last episode of the game of thrones The spinoff begins with another time jump, showing Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen (played by Emma D’Arcy) married to her uncle Prince Daemon (Matt Smith).

The couple live in Dragonstone with the children of their first marriages and the offspring of their union.

In one scene, a pregnant Rhaenyra enters a room to observe her eldest son Jace (Harry Collett), the heir to the Iron Throne, struggling to learn High Valyrian.

The princess corrects her son on a phrase he “should know” and they share a loving exchange about the importance of the language to their ancestors – and to their own future as rulers of the Seven Kingdoms.

“I don’t expect you to learn High Valyrian in a day, Jace,” she said, indicating that he’s just started studying the language.

“A king must honor the traditions of his ancestors,” he replies.

“Well…unless you’re planning on dropping off your own mother, you have plenty of time to study,” Rhaenyra told her son.

The High Valyrian language was invented by George RR Martin for his A song of ice and fire novels and the prequel fire and blood, on which the two HBO series are based.

In Martin’s fictional continent of Westeros, many children of noble houses learn High Valyrian, but the Targaryens have a special connection to the language.

They are descended from ancient Valyria on the continent of Essos and use the tongue to command their dragons. Rhaenyra and Daemon speak it fluently – and the princess was already fluent when she was the same age as her son.

Dragon House viewers couldn’t understand why Jace wasn’t more advanced in the language, since he would be 13 or 14 in Episode 8.

Twitter user veganasu wrote, “What I don’t understand about Jace learning High Valyrian is that he always had two Valyrian speaking parents (rhaenyra&leanor / rhaenyra&daemon, but he still debating when his mother was perfectly fluent at that age.”

Swordofbeserk posted: “Complete offense but Jace should have learned High Valyrian when he was 3 and not 18 as is beyond the writers ridiculous gesture.”

Others thought it might have been a deliberate decision by the writers to set up later plot points.

“Is Jayce having trouble learning High Valyrian because of his parentage? brodymybrody asked.

JeremyMonjo pointed out, “I like how this franchise’s Magic DNA gimmick is just ambiguous enough if you’re wondering if the Blond Targs have an easier time learning High Valyrian than the dark-haired little ones. You’re just starting to thinking, ‘Maybe.. .’.”

Jace’s position as heir to the Iron Throne has been questioned many times.

Rhaenyra married her cousin Laenor Velaryon (John Macmillan) and reportedly bore her three children before her staged death. Laenor is black with white dreadlocks hair; Rhaenyra is pale and has the typical Targaryen platinum hair. But because their sons are fair-skinned and dark-haired, many have questioned their parentage.

Some members of the royal court, including Rhaenyra’s stepmother, Queen Alicent (Olivia Cooke), claim the children are the product of an affair between the princess and Harwin Strong.

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