Friday, December 2, 2022

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HGTV’s Erin Napier says frustrated fans will finally get their wish

Popular HGTV personalities Erin and Ben Napier recently made their acting debut with their first movie, “A Christmas Open House,” on Discovery+. But for months fans have been rioting because they have to pay for the streaming service to watch the movie. Now Erin says those frustrated fans will get their Christmas wish: the movie will air on HGTV after all.

Ever since the Napiers announced in August that they would soon be taking on their first acting roles in “A Christmas Open House,” which later debuted on Discovery+ on November 11, 2022, fans have been expressing their annoyance, disappointment, and anger at not being able to watch the film. without a subscription to the streaming service.

On Erin’s first Instagram post about the movie, someone wrote, “You make all that money and then you don’t care about whoever can’t afford to pay extra to watch you.” For that one day you will have to answer!!!”

Another fan wrote: “We also don’t subscribe to Disc+ because I don’t think I should pay for another tier of channels. It’s not just Ben & Erin, we love your show, but there are others we love that are no longer on HGTV that have moved to Disc+. Makes me unhappy.”

But on Nov. 17, when another person complained about the movie airing only on Discovery+, Erin responded with good news: The movie will air on HGTV on Dec. 7 after all.

HGTV’s online schedule doesn’t yet list the December 7 film screening, but a November 21 interview with Erin in People magazine also listed the date as the film’s premiere on the network.

The Napiers filmed their role in “A Christmas Open House” in their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi, in August 2022. The film stars actors Katie Stevens and Victor Rasuk, and follows an Atlanta house-stager, played by Stevens, who must team up with her former high school crush, a real estate agent played by Rasuk, to get her mother’s house ready for sale for the holidays. With little time and conflicting goals, they turn to local artists Henry and Sarah Wright – played by the Napiers – for help.

On November 1, she posted a preview clip of the movie featuring her and Ben in their holiday clothes, revealing that they sweat while filming the movie.

She wrote: “Now that Halloween is over… #AChristmasOpenHouse is coming up on November 11th! We filmed our parts in Laurel 3 days in August when the elevation was 103° so I want you guys to realize how not sweaty we seem to be here. It’s a renovation story within a love story within a Christmas story (and it looks really cute)”

So far, the film has received mixed reviews from critics. Decider’s Brett White wrote: “Good on Discovery+ for actually giving the Napiers something to do, besides offering some pre-recorded tips. Still, it’s always a little weird when TV personalities — like HGTV hosts — are given pre-written lines to say.

Meanwhile, not enough people have provided feedback on Rotton Tomatoes to give the movie a “watching rating.” And on the Discovery+ Instagram page, some fans loved it, while others clearly didn’t.

One wrote: “Watched it and loved it!! You are naturals!! Good job!!”

But another commented, “This was awful…awkward pauses, very dry zero chemistry. Please stop!”

“Love It or List It” co-host Hilary Farr also stars in “Designing Christmas,” a standalone Christmas movie released on the same day as the Napiers’ movie. It is not yet known whether that film will also appear on HGTV.

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