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HGTV stars celebrate wedding anniversary

HGTV’s Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary on Monday, October 10.

The champions of “Rock The Block” Season 2 and “100 Day Dream Home” shared loving posts on Instagram to celebrate the occasion.

“Congratulations on my everything,” Brian wrote.

“Life was the most satisfying adventure with you by my side. You have been a wonderful husband, father and life partner and you have always put Jade and me first,” wrote Mika. Jade is Mika’s daughter from a previous relationship, who she is raising with Brian.

The “100 Day Dream Home” couple and Tampa, Florida natives also celebrated their anniversary with a trip to the Tampa Riverwalk, according to Mika’s Instagram story, where they engraved a custom paving stone with their names, wedding date and the quote “Until the last sunset.”

Brian and Mika are both singers and performers, so it’s fitting that the musically inclined couple met in high school choir class. They didn’t sit together in class for very long, though, because Brian was accidentally scheduled into Mika’s girls class. That didn’t stop the couple from hooking up, which Brian describes as love at first sight… but just for him.

“Gosh, yes. I loved her, I couldn’t even talk around her in high school. I loved her,” Brian said, “I would invite her to lunch every day and she would say, ‘I’d rather sit alone.'”

Mika didn’t reciprocate Brian’s feelings from the start. “I mean, frankly, no. I don’t think it was really a thing. Because he always makes jokes. The thing with Brian and you’ll notice in the show, everything is a joke. And so I didn’t really take it seriously,” she said.

Mika explains that being a military brat, she didn’t get too attached to the friends she made in her early years, and the couple broke up after high school.

After high school, Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt went their separate ways before reconnecting 10 years later.

Mika received her bachelor’s degree at the University of South Florida during that time. After college, she worked as a gym manager and got her daughter, Jade, out of another relationship.

Brian attended the University of Central Florida where he met his first wife, Miss America 2004 Ericka Dunlap. According to his HGTV profile, Brian worked in construction and started flipping houses after graduation. Brian and Ericka participated in the 15th season of The Amazing Race. The two made the final episode, eventually finishing third in the competition. Brian and Mika would later participate in – and win – HGTV’s competition show “Rock The Block”.

Brian and Ericka broke up in 2011, according to Hollywood Mask, the same year Brian reconnected with Mika. The two not only started dating, but also became business partners, with Mika leaving her previous job as a gym manager to manage the new Anytime Fitness branch that Brian opened in 2011. They ended up having multiple locations together, according to The Observer News, their local newspaper. Brian proposed to Mika in 2013 at an Anytime Fitness conference and the couple married on October 10, 2015 in Sedona, Arizona.

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