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Heinz Winkler’s widow gets nothing from the inheritance

Heinz Winkler was no longer with his wife Daniela at the time of his death. Talking about the dispute now, he is a close friend of the starred chef.

Four women stood in front of Heinz Winkler’s grave and said goodbye. In addition to his ex-wives and his latest partner, Daniela Winkler. She is the celebrity chef’s third wife, but the couple separated before the 73-year-old’s death.

The relationship between the 61-year-old and the rest of the Winkler family is rocky. As “Bild” reports, she should not receive anything from her deceased husband’s inheritance. Marianne Lauber, the restaurateur’s closest confidante and general rep, provided the paper with details.

“He had one

He signed a marriage contract in which he also gave up a legitimate portion. Otherwise Heinz Winkler would not have married her.’ After the wedding, the restaurateur was ready to welcome her. She «she wanted the apartment in Majorca, the gift tax and the right to live in the villa Aschauer. She was too much for him,” Lauber wants to know.

After Winkler’s death on October 28, his widow’s actions left a bitter taste in the family. The cook’s confidant describes that the 61-year-old went to the bank a few days later. “Here he had it [Winkler] a private account over which he had power of attorney in the event of his death. You withdrew 15,000 euros, you only left 2,662.68 euros.”

Lauber wonders about this behavior: “What does a woman do who just lost her oh so beloved husband?” Daniela Winkler herself has no say in the matter. Your point of view: unknown. So the description remains an unproven allegation for the time being.

In addition to the precarious family situation, Heinz Winkler’s death itself made headlines. Because the circumstances initially raised questions, so that the police even launched an investigation. The 73-year-old fell after drinking alcohol with an employee. However, the autopsy revealed that he died of natural causes. This was confirmed by a police spokeswoman t-online.

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