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Has there ever been a left-handed monarch?

King Charles III is sometimes the subject of questions online about whether he is left-handed, but in reality, the UK’s new monarch writes with his right hand.

There have however been past monarchs who were left-handed and there is also a future king who will carry the flag of left-handers around the world to Prince William, Prince of Wales.

Queen Victoria is perhaps Britain’s most famous left-handed monarch, although historians believe she must have used her right hand as a child at the strict age she lived.

Historic Royal Palaces, the charity that runs the palaces the Royal Family no longer occupy, such as Hampton Court and the Tower of London, has shared information about Victoria to mark Left-Handers Day in 2019.

A message on Twitter read: “Happy #LeftHandersDay! 💁‍♀️ Queen Victoria is one of the most famous historical lefties. Although she wrote with her right hand, she painted with her left, indicating that ‘she was forced to change as a child, as was sadly common in Victorian times.”

King George VI, Queen Elizabeth II’s father, was also left-handed, as was Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Elizabeth’s daughter-in-law, although she will never be queen.

The daily express noted high search traffic for whether then-Prince Charles was left-handed in November 2020, at the time of season four of The crown what freed

However, there is no suggestion that the King is in fact left-handed and videos of him delivering his proclamations in London and Northern Ireland the day after Queen Elizabeth II’s death showed him writing with his right hand.

Footage also showed him very frustrated with the pens, but perhaps that’s understandable for a man who had to deal with the loss of his mother at the same time as he became Britain’s new head of state in nearly 74 years old.

Charles could be heard in a clip saying, “Oh my god, I hate this pen” and “can’t stand this fucking stuff”.

He added: “[It’s] what they do every time stinky.”

The new Prince of Wales signed his father’s proclamation as king with his left hand, sparking a wave of excitement among left-handers online.

beth rigby, Sky News political editor, tweeted: “I never knew Prince William was left-handed! (as a mother of a lefty, I’ll be sure to let them know).”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Left-handed people everywhere recognize the pain of watching Prince William use a fountain pen while trying not to smudge the ink all over the place.”

However, it has long been known that William was left-handed.

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