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Has the Watcher ever been caught? The real story behind the Netflix series

Following the success of Monsters: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Ryan Murphy has released his next true crime series on Netflix, titled the observer

The gripping series is based on the terrifying true story of the Broaddus family, who were stalked and harassed by an unknown figure, known to them only as the Watcher.

In the Netflix series, Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts bring the story to life as the characters Dean and Nora Brannock, and as each episode progresses, the mystery surrounding the Watcher continues to spiral.

Has the real Watcher ever been caught? Pleasemynews has everything you need to know. Warning: spoilers below.

No, unfortunately the observer was never caught and his identity remains unknown to this day.

In fact, there have never been any arrests in this case. There were no fingerprints, no digital trial and no way to place a suspect in the house, leaving the case unsolved today.

For several years, someone known only as the Watcher sent haunting letters to the Broaddus family just three days after buying their dream home at 657 Boulevard, Westfield, New Jersey in 2014.

Over four letters, the Observer included details of the family, including their three young children, leading them to believe the letters must have been from close acquaintances or someone in the area.

As a result, they became increasingly concerned for their safety and that of their children.
In the first letter, the Observer referred to itself as being “in charge of guarding” 657 Boulevard and awaiting its “second coming”.

They scoffed that there was a powerful force within the walls of the estate that wanted “young blood” in reference to the couple’s three children.

The Watcher also made sure the Broadduses are still watching, writing:

“Welcome back to your new home at 657 Boulevard. The workers have been busy and I’ve watched you unload carloads of your belongings. The dumpster is a good idea. Have they found what’s there yet? has in the walls? In time they will.”

Over the years they have been several suspects, the majority of whom lived on the same street as the Broadduses, but they were all ultimately dismissed by authorities.

One of the main suspects in the case was Michael Langford, the family’s next-door neighbor. According to neighbors, Langford lived at home with his mother Peggy and siblings, all of whom were in their 60s.

In the New York magazine article on which the Netflix series is based, Neighbors described Langford as “a little odd” but “harmless” and a “sort of Boo Radley character,” Reeves Wiedeman wrote.

When Michael Langford was questioned, he denied knowing anything about the letters. He was interrogated again, but there was not enough evidence to name him Observer. When female DNA was found on one of the letters, Langford’s sister Abby became a person of interest, but the DNA did not match and she was ruled out.

There was also the suspect known as “The Gamer”. One evening, while the police were watching the house, a car belonging to a young woman stopped in front of 657 boulevard. Her boyfriend lived on the same road as the Broaddus family.

When questioned by police, she told them her boyfriend was “into some really dark video games” and in one he played a character known as “The Watcher”.

The boyfriend agreed to be interviewed by the police but never showed up for the two scheduled interviews. Because there was not enough evidence, the police could take the questioning further.

When the Broadduses explored plans to sell the house to a developer and their proposal was rejected by the neighborhood planning board, they learned that some of their neighbors suspected they had written the letters themselves. not to move into the property.

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