Friday, September 30, 2022

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Harry and Meghan invite retired world leaders to event as truce to confusion testing

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were invited to meet the likes of President Joe Biden the day before Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral only to be told they couldn’t come.

King Charles III and other members of the Royal Family will meet world leaders at a reception at Buckingham Palace on Sunday, September 18.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were initially invited only to be told later that the function was reserved for working members of the Royal Family.

Pleasemynews The saga has been said to appear to be a real mistake in the heat of staging a funeral that is expected to be the biggest such state event the UK has ever held.

However, it comes as a fragile royal truce declared the day after the Queen’s death has been tested.

A new era of royal unity, at least in public, descended the day after Elizabeth passed away as divisions and divisions within the Royal Family were put aside so attention could turn to the Britain’s longest reigning monarch and his legacy.

However, the days surrounding Elizabeth’s death were not without tension, with King Charles III being forced into the first reversal of his own reign over whether or not Prince Harry would be allowed to wear a military uniform.

The disgraced Prince Andrew – who is also not a member of the royal family – wore his during a vigil alongside the Queen’s other children on Friday evening September 16 at Westminster Hall where she was lying down in condition.

Initially, Harry didn’t get a chance to wear his uniform despite his two frontline tours in Afghanistan. This was due to the Prince losing his military sponsorships when he officially stepped down as a working member of the Royal Family after a one-year grace period in 2021.

As speculation about her dress for state events mounted, a spokesperson for Harry made an announcement expressing a wish centered on the Queen’s life and legacy.

“Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex will wear a morning suit at events honoring his grandmother,” it read.

“His decade of military service is not determined by the uniform he wears and we respectfully request that the focus remains on the life and legacy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.”

Charles came downstairs, however, and on Friday morning the palace confirmed that Harry would be allowed to wear the uniform at a separate wake for the monarch’s grandchildren on Saturday September 17.

It all comes after Harry was, on the day of the Queen’s death, supposed to organize his own trip to Scotland while Prince William, Andrew, Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex all traveled together on a previous flight .

The Palace then announced the death of the Queen as Harry’s plane was still in the air and minutes from landing in Aberdeen on Thursday September 8.

The following day, the royal family appeared to launch a campaign to welcome Harry and Meghan back into the fold, with Charles speaking about his love for the couple on his first broadcast as kings.

This was followed by the publication of a personal tribute to Harry’s Queen on September 12 in which he spoke of his intention to “honour” his father in his new role as king.

Referring to a quote from Elizabeth about ‘the last partings as well as the first meetings’, Harry said: ‘We already miss you very much, not just us but the whole world. And when it comes to the first meetings, we now honor my father in his new role as King Charles III.”

Two days before the tribute was published, the Sussexes joined Prince William and Kate Middleton for a walkabout in Windsor on Saturday, September 9. A spokesperson for the Prince and Princess previously confirmed to Pleasemynews that William had contacted Harry to join them.

The couple then joined a procession behind Elizabeth’s coffin on Wednesday, September 14, followed by a vigil.

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