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Gwyneth Paltrow reveals how to make three ‘ridiculously easy’ holiday appetizers

On Thanksgiving Day, Gwyneth Paltrow whipped up three “ridiculously easy” holiday appetizers.

In a video posted Thursday, the actress showed how easy it is to make quick appetizers that still “make people think you’re so fancy.”

The Goop founder, 50, shared the recipes for: potato chips with caviar, something she calls “Diablo,” and an anchovy sauce called “bagna cauda.”

The first recipe on the list was “Potato chips with caviar”. The ingredients included—obviously—potato chips and caviar.

To simplify the appetizer a little less, she added sour cream and chives for garnish.

“I feel like I’m playing the system,” she said. ‘It was so easy!’

She named the second appetizer “Diablo” — which, she explained, means “devil” in Spanish.

However, there is no element in the hors d’oeuvre that makes it spicy. Instead, the “Diablo” is “crunchy and sweet.”

The former Iron Man star stuffed pitted plums with a “goat and sheep feta cheese.”

She then wrapped those plums in prosciutto before popping them in the oven.

“Just make sure the quality of the ingredients is really good when you’re making something really simple — it’s just three ingredients.”

For her third appetizer of the day, she made a “bagna cauda” — which, she explains, is Italian for “hot bath.”

Paltrow creates “a cohesive, creamy, umami-like sauce” by combining olive oil, butter, garlic, and a handful of anchovies in a skillet.

To enjoy this gluten-free and vegan appetizer, she dipped bitter leafy greens into the sauce.

She further explained that sometimes she would opt for thin slices of bread to enjoy this appetizer.

“Either I need more alcohol or I have to be banned from work for about two weeks,” she joked while preparing the final appetizer.

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