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Grimes shares a snap of her bandaged face after revealing she wants to have ‘elven ear surgery’.

Grimes has revealed that she “did something crazy” when she showed off her bandaged face in a selfie on Twitter on Saturday, after previously expressing a desire to get “elven ear modifiers.”

The 34-year-old musician, born Claire Boucher, wore no makeup as she lay in a blue hospital gown with her eyes closed.

The ex of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, 51, looked relaxed as bandages covered her swollen head, chin and forehead.

While it’s not clear what work she actually did, fans were quick to speculate and surmise that she had “elven ears” after expressing her desire to get modifiers.

She wrote: “I did something crazy!” and later shared a lengthy tweet explaining how she completed her “last song at the plastic surgery clinic.”

She wrote: “Album is ready, we’re mixing. My boyfriend and I perfected the last song at the plastic surgery clinic because they wouldn’t let me go and we laughed that was the most Hollywood moment ever.

“I have 20 songs, so maybe BOOK 1 and BOOK 2? Deciding on format/tracklist’.

MailOnline has reached out to Grimes’ representative for comment.

Last month, Grimes teased her desire to get “Elf Ear Modifiers” and asked her fans for recommendations for a doctor.

She said: “Two years ago I did an appt with a great plastic surgeon, thought I might want to make a change by mid 30’s but then I forgot and never thought about what to do.

“Any face mods you all would think would be good on me? (Elf ears are not an option, this is a separate quest).’

In another tweet, she shared her interest in getting “vampire toothcaps” in either Los Angeles or Austin, Texas.

She also asked her fans for recommendations for someone doing elf ear modifications, but added, “I’m still debating this surgery because the cartilage doesn’t heal and therefore needs permanent stitches.”

She added that it “just seems unhealthy how everyone1 in the media hides body modifications, then people feel insecure,” although it wasn’t clear if she was referring to more traditional modifications and cosmetic surgeries, or to changes outside the spectrum of human appearances .

“I’m also less interested in conventional beauty (I’ll keep my nose),” she added, before asking her fans for recommendations on procedures she could get, noting that her plastic surgeon, Dr. Chia Chi Kao is.

“Also has anyone made elf ear mods with a good result?” She added in a follow-up tweet.

She admitted she was “terrified” of the procedure and the potential impact on her “ear cartilage,” which as a “musician” could be “risky,” although she “desired it.” [her] whole life.’ Grimes announced back in 2012 that she had developed tinnitus, a persistent ringing in the ears that can be caused by loud noises.

But Elon, with whom she shares her confusingly named children X Æ A-12 and Exa Dark Sideræl, jumped into her responses Tuesday, opining that “the downsides of elf ear surgery likely outweigh the benefits.”

Grimes didn’t fight back, instead admitting that “that sounds like a job for Crispr,” which referred to some form of gene editing. “Sad to be born just a few generations premature,” she lamented.

Grimes and Elon began dating in 2018 and reportedly bonded after learning they both had the same pun on Twitter.

The singer and electronic musician welcomed his son X Æ A-12 (pronounced Ex Ash A Twelve) on May 4, 2020, although they were later forced to change the name to X Æ A-Xii due to California naming laws.

In September the following year, Grimes revealed that the two were “semi-separated,” although they still lived together while raising their child.

In January, she revealed they were back together but “very fluid,” while also sharing that they welcomed a second child, Exa Dark Sideræl, via surrogate in December 2021. The couple separated again in March.

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