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Greg Gutfeld assesses the competition: “My show is the least political”

Pleasemynews reported 13 months ago that Greg Gutfeld was the new king of late-night television when, according to Nielsen data, his Fox News show, Gutfeld!had a larger weekly audience than those hosted by Jimmy Fallon on NBC, Jimmy Kimmel on ABC, and Stephen Colbert on CBS.

Since then, Gutfeld has defeated the Big Three broadcast networks multiple times, including a recent six-week run, perhaps cementing the idea that Johnny Carson’s nonpartisan comedy — or at least partisanship in equal measure — and Jay Leno is a thing of the past.

Pleasemynews asked the new, sporadic, late-night king to weigh in on the matter in a Q&A, and he didn’t hold back on his criticism of the competition while offering some advice to Sunny Hostin, co- host of viewwho recently went viral on social media after criticizing conservative politician Nikki Haley for not using the Indian name given to her at birth.

Pleasemynews: Why do you often have more viewers than Colbert, Fallon, or Kimmel, even though they’re on free TV and you’re on a cable channel?

Gutfeld: We are funny and unpredictable and we are not interested in teaching or indoctrinating, just entertaining.

Pleasemynews: And the other three are not? Do you like any of them?

Gutfeld: All they do is repeat the same assumptions you can get anywhere else, so you don’t get anything new. So why bother?

Pleasemynews: You were recently No. 1 on late night and Colbert, who is also very political, but on the left, what a No. 2. So it pays to be partisan and the days when Johnny Carson and Jay Leno tangled the two sides is over?

Gutfeld: No, because I think my show is the least political. We have five blocks, three are cultural, one is political and one is crossing. I try to structure it like you’re watching with your sister and she’s liberal, she might laugh.

Pleasemynews: But even when your program is cultural, it is political. When you hosted a late night show called red eyes a few years ago, Andrew Breitbart was a regular guest and he said that politics is downstream from culture. You agree?

Gutfeld: Yes, but our side didn’t do that. We are just playing a game with rules set by liberals, who think everything is political. If I have a common sense opinion on something, it’s not my fault, it’s political, it’s the Liberals’ fault. I’m not trying to be political when I say something about biology. If it’s suddenly political, it’s not on me. I did not change; they have changed.

Pleasemynews: Give me an example where you say something about biology and then liberals making politics out of it.

Gutfeld: It is not political to think that there are males and females. It’s not political to think that maybe we shouldn’t operate on children who are confused about their sex at 5 or 7 years old. These are not political positions, but the left makes them political, not me.

Pleasemynews: What guests did you want for your show but couldn’t get?

Gutfeld: I had people who said yes, but then they canceled, but maybe they had legitimate reasons. Russell Brand, for example, was supposed to be this week but canceled. He may have just had another engagement. And I was disappointed because I really like Russell Brand. It would have been fun. I hope we will reschedule.

Pleasemynews: Did you have a favorite guest?

Gutfeld: I like people I can make fun of and people who make fun of me. That’s why Kat Timpf and Tire are here. They are panelists, but a bit like my favorite guests. I like familiar faces – the folks at Fox. Brian Kilmeade is fantastic because I insult him the whole show and he puts up with it and then he insults me. I like a pool of familiar faces, like on The ship of love. other The five (a Fox News show he co-hosts) is like a real version of friend. It may be a strength or a weakness, but I feel uncomfortable around people who are uncomfortable. It’s really contagious. If you’re extremely comfortable with me, then I’m comfortable.

Pleasemynews: Roseanne Barr will be on the Fox News streaming service. Do you already have it on your show?

Gutfeld: I have DM-ing for five years. Now that she does Fox Nation, I hope she does my show. I know she watched it and loved it before it was cancelled. She would be a cry. But I don’t know if she would travel (to New York). A lot of people don’t. They are too rich.

Pleasemynews: Speaking of cancellations, what do you think of Hollywood or left-wing activists trying to cancel comedians like Roseanne, Ricky Gervais and Dave Chapelle for telling hate jokes?

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