Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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Good Morning America 3 is fast becoming a hit weekday afternoon show

NEW YORK CITY– What started as an afternoon spin-off of Good Morning America has evolved into GMA 3 – What You Need to Know.

It’s a mix of information and inspiration, plus a healthy dose of news to use. The lesson will also bring you a few laughs along the way.

According to a Variety article, “Afternoon TV viewers in a different era clicked their way through soap operas, talk shows, and reruns,” but no more.

Instead, many of these viewers watch presenters who give them everything they need to know on GMA3.

Their camaraderie helps the hosts connect with millions of viewers who tune in on weekday afternoons to see TJ Holmes, Amy Robach and Dr. Jennifer Ashton interact with each other.

“We all have our lanes, and we all trust and respect each other and what we bring to the show,” Robach said.

In a recent episode, Dr. Jen on how best to perform CPR.

“We compile every day in our hour what we think viewers need to know and want to know,” Ashton said.

A typical lesson can go from serious to fun with stops in between.

“I think you’re constantly evolving and improving,” Holmes said. “I mean, when the show started you could spend a full hour just with COVID because that was all that was going on in the world.”

Since then the show has become more of a mix. Executive producer Cat McKenzie is responsible for finding the right balance.

The day entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon visited the set, they were filming a segment of a new book by one of the Spice Girls, taped right after an interview about protests.

“Our benchmark is news,” McKenzie said. “We are ABC News. We’re from ABC News. We’ve put a lot of effort into hiring our correspondents, our embeds, our consultants, and our contributors, because that’s who we are.”

Viewers can watch “GMA 3” every weekday on ABC.

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