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Gilmore Girls: Fans think Kelly Bishop is the best of the entire cast

Even though it hasn’t aired for quite some time, Gilmore Girls continues to be relevant, popular and an absolute fan favorite. Created by Amy Sherman Palladino, Gilmore Girls was known for its incredibly relatable and heartwarming storylines, and of course the beloved cast that brought them to life.

Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel have been cast as the mother-daughter couple at the heart of Gilmore Girls. But to close the matriarchy theme, Kelly Bishop played the role of Emily Gilmore, both mother and grandma.

Scott Patterson, Keiko Agena and Melissa McCarthy were some of the other popular stars cast on the series. Still, some fans are talking about why they think Bishop was actually always “the best.”

With so many amazing and cherished characters Gilmore Girls, it was often difficult to choose a favourite. However, many people on this Reddit thread have, and some might be surprised to learn that Bishop has her vote.

One fan kicked off the discussion by saying, “Seriously, who’s the best actor on the show? And what’s her best performance?” It didn’t take long for the posts to pour in, and almost immediately fans started naming Bishop.

In a comment, one viewer wrote: “Kelly is So good at making you love Emily and her sass, but hate her when she’s manipulative, but have your heart broken when she feels left out of Lorelai and Rory’s lives. She brings Emily to life as the complex woman she is.” To hit the nail on the head, “complex” seems like the perfect word to describe the iconic character.

Another user in the discussion made his perspective crystal clear and replied, “Kelly Bishop (best and not even close).” Someone else enthusiastically added:

Throughout the thread, post by post, Gilmore GirlsThe fans’ love for Bishop is transparent.

With so much obvious and plentiful praise for Bishop from the fans of Gilmore Girlssome may be wondering if the talented actress has received any awards for her time on the show.

Over the course of the television show’s seven seasons, Bishop received nine award nominations. In 2004, the star received a Gold Derby TV Award for Comedy Supporting Actress.

Over a decade later, Bishop was nominated again for the role of Emily Gilmore, but this time for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Lifethe Netflix miniseries that premiered in 2016.

Viewers loved watching Bishop play the role of Emily Gilmore Gilmore Girls, but it was by no means the actor’s only notable role. Many of Bishop’s fans fell in love with her first Dirty dancing when Bishop played the role of Marjorie Houseman in the 1987 blockbuster.

In 2000, she wowed viewers with her performance in wonder boys. More recently, Bishop’s followers and fans have enjoyed seeing her as Benedetta The wonderful Mrs. Maisel.

Outside of her screen appearances, Bishop has found success on the stage, having won the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical for A chorus line 1976

The adored actor, now 78, doesn’t appear to be planning to quit anytime soon. Looking ahead, TV fanatics can expect to see her The watchful eyea new series for Freeform.

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