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“General Hospital”: How old is Trina actress Tabyana Ali?

When it comes to soap operas, few are as iconic and legendary as General Hospital. The series, which has been on the air for almost 60 years, has seen more than its fair share of drama and characters.

Trina Robinson, one of them General Hospital‘s newer name, joined the soap opera back in 2017. A few different actors have landed the role since the character’s appearance, but Tabyana Ali landed the role back in March and seems to have been enjoying it ever since.

Although fans of the ABC soap opera know that she plays a teenager on set, some viewers may be wondering how old Ali is in real life.

in the General HospitalTrina Robinson is known for playing a plucky teenager who has a reputation for getting what she wants, and viewers of the soap opera might be curious as to the actor’s real age.

Although it’s not always the case on set and in Hollywood, Ali is quite a similar age to her fictional counterpart. Born on January 28, 2002, the acting star is currently 20 years old, according to Instagram.

According to IMDb, Ali has been acting since she was 8 years old. Once she started doing commercials, she slowly but surely worked her way up. In addition to her work General Hospital, Ali has appeared in other notable titles. Back in 2015, fans of Fox new girl I enjoyed watching her as Jo on Walk of Shame.

A few years later, in 2020, Ali took to the screen as Becca on Netflix The big show show. The actress, who expanded to the big screen in 2021, received critical acclaim for her portrayal of Regina in Horror Noire: A Tale of Black Horror. That same year, Ali appeared as Alana Kirby in glue together.

Though she seems pretty booked up and busy playing the role of Trina Robinson General Hospital, Ali still doesn’t limit herself and her possibilities. Looking to the future, the talented star will take to the big screen as Honor in Empire waist.

Over the past few months, fans and viewers have gotten to know each other General Hospital‘s Trina Robinson even better. Although she often comes across as your average teenager, the 18-year-old character ran into some legal troubles and recently faced court.

Now that Trina is free and relieved, she can focus on her college classes and her ongoing relationship with Officer Rory Cabrera, one would think. As fans and viewers of General Hospital know only too well that things often don’t go as expected.

Chasing her dreams while navigating deep-seated drama seems to be Trina’s MO, and Ali seems like the perfect actor for it all. Viewers should stay tuned to see how Trina’s studies and storylines will unfold for the remainder of the season General Hospital.

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