Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Funeral of Elizabeth II: Prince Edward shocks crowds with divisive decision

While King Charles III. surprised the public by accommodating them without hesitation, his brother Eduard, despite the grief of the citizens after the death of his mother Elizabeth II, decided to take a different stance. The new monarch’s younger brother actually decided not to shake hands with those present, a decision that surprised and amazed more than one.

As a reminder, Charles decided to address the public for his first appearances as monarch, but his youngest brother opted against doing the same, shocking some, the Mirror revealed this Saturday 17 September. However, Edward insisted on explaining himself to ensure his choice wasn’t heavily criticized.

Overlooking Buckingham Palace, the Earl of Wessex said that not shaking hands with the public allowed him not to be late but also to meet more people. He pointed to his wife, Sophie of Wessex, and indicated that she was well behind him as she was still shaking his hands.

However, the prince finally gave in and shook a few hands in passing.

“I’ve tried to avoid it. Only if I do it once, I’ll make everyone do it.” he trusted.

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