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Full House’s John Stamos admits a ‘a little bit’ is gone from me’ after Bob Saget died

It has been several months since Bob Saget passed away, and Full house Co-star and close friend John Stamos will never be the same. He recently revealed that part of him is gone and will never return.

Stamos recalled how generous and loved Saget was, but admitted he was surprised to realize how far and deep he loved his friend, which was heartbreaking for Stamos for not realizing when Saget was alive.

Stamos pointed out that he needed to keep telling stories about Saget and keeping his memory and footprint alive.

“Like we need to keep talking about it,” he said in Anna Faris’ Unqualified podcast. “You have to carry on with their legacy and tell stories about them. And I seem to be doing a lot… Because it’s still only been seven, eight months. And I think you have to like taking the hit. Take it. Boom. let it hit you Deal with it. Let it go somehow But a piece of me is gone. It’s the same with my parents. And it never comes back.

While on tour, Saget died suddenly in his hotel room at the age of 65. Stamos reflected on the loss. “Talk about dying in generosity, Bob Saget,” Stamos said.

“When he died, as you know, he experienced a tsunami of love that came his way,” Stamos added. “And one of the most heartbreaking things for me was that he didn’t know how much he was loved. He was very confident, you know how we all are. But I only wish he could, maybe he’s watching, know how loved he was and how many lives he touched. I mean, every day somebody comes up to me: ‘You know, Bob saved my sister’ or the ‘Bob did that’.”

Losing Saget was also a lesson for Stamos, who said we should all live for today and embrace those around us. “I mean, not only did it put my mind at ease that honoring him means telling everyone that you love them, that you care for them, that you’re proud of them,” he said.

“Because there’s no tomorrow,” Stamos said. “He was like that. He left nothing on the table. When he loved you, you knew. And everyone around him knew it. That’s one thing. And he died in January I think. We started the second season of the show closeup a few months later. And I told the story of how my character loses a friend, a mentor.”

Saget’s death left Stamos thinking about his own legacy. “And he dies and all these nice things are said about him. And then I’m like, ‘What about my legacy? What am I leaving behind? What have I done in this world?’ And in the end, the girls bring all these people over and tell me what my character meant to them and how I touched their lives. It was a beautiful, beautiful tribute to Bob,” he said.

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