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From ‘Love Actually’: Hugh Grant’s film Love mourns the loss of her younger brother

The Christmas classic Love Actually made her famous in 2003. Today she has many followers on social media, to whom she now tells sad things.

British actress Martine McCutcheon mourns the passing of her younger brother. The 46-year-old writes it in a detailed and exciting post

Instagram. As a result, he died two weeks ago, aged just 31, shortly before his wedding.

McCutcheon writes that his heart is broken forever. He refers to his brother as his “gentle giant” and explains that “he died suddenly”. He also writes: “There is no medical explanation why we lost it so early.” They continue to investigate, but now they have to accept “that nothing will bring him back”.

His brother Laurence John, who goes by the name LJ, was born when McCutcheon was 15. She was always proud of him from the first moment and protected him “with all her might”. She writes very emotionally about her brother’s characteristics, talent and nature. “He gave me so much, he was my anchor, my radar for what really matters in life and even though he was always so proud of me and told the world that I was his sister, I always wanted him in the spotlight and protect those who might be attracted to him for the wrong reasons, “the actress and singer added to her more than 530,000 Instagram fans.

Finally, McCutcheon writes that his brother has fallen in love and plans to get married in the next month. “I was asked to be a bridesmaid and the last time I saw him was a few days before he died.” LJ and his wife came to McCutcheon’s family home for dinner. “He looked so tanned, tall and good. I’d never seen him like this before … It’s actually ironic …” At the end of his long text, the movie star promises his brother that he wants to “live, laugh and love “for him.

Martine McCutcheon played the love interest of Hugh Grant, who played the prime minister in the 2003 Christmas film, Love Actually. She has also received several awards for her role in the film. She has also been seen in several series and other less great films. In 2020 she was a contestant on the UK edition of “The Masked Singer”. You have released several albums.

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