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Fortnite Reboot Rally: how to register and get all the free rewards

Fortnite players looking to bring friends into the game, this is your chance to do so. It’s time for the Reboot Rally, a Fortnite perfect event to introduce or reintroduce friends to the game to see what’s new in Chapter 3 Season 4.

As you complete Reboot Quests and Bonus Objectives, you and your friends will earn points that can be turned into special in-game rewards that you can equip your character with. This is an excellent reason to participate here, because Fortnite gifts are always worth completing quests.

To be eligible for Fortnite Reboot Rally, you must be a returning player or a new player who has played less than two hours Fortnite within 30 days prior to Chapter 3 Season 4. If you’ve played more than that, you’re an active player. As the event runs from September 19 to October 3 at 9am ET, you’ll need to know what to do if you want to rack up all the rewards.

Looking to grab all the goodies you can? We’ve got everything you need to make a splash in the Reboot Rally, so check out all the rules and rewards you need to know to participate, and start from there. You’re going to have plenty of treats to hoard from here. And if you’ve been asking someone to play with you for a while, now’s the best time for another friend to jump in. Fortnite.

To register Fortnite Restart Rally, go to the lobby sidebar and check your friends tab. If you’re an active player as described above, you’ll see eligible friends you can team up with to complete Reboot Quests and Bonus Objectives. If you are a returning or new player, you will instead see active friends that you can join a party with to complete quests and objectives together.

Part of the full “rally” setup means you can round up your friends with a QR code for the URL. You can send it to friends to learn more about the process and recruit them to play with you. Once you’ve invited who you want to play with (one to three or more friends), you can get to work on Reboot Rally.

Find your bonus quests and objectives on the “Quests” page. You can see what quests you need to complete here and who you will complete them with. You can swap the players you team up with later if needed. Come back to this page regularly to see how you have progressed.

Here is the full list of rewards you can earn by completing quests and bonus objectives in Reboot Rally:

All reward items must match a fun and scorching set that you can use just to be a Fortnite players. Not bad for a little work each day.

Fortnite is available to play for free now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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