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Former candidate Jo defends herself against RTL: "This is absolutely fatal"

Former candidate Jo raises accusations against ‘Princess Charming’. The production reacts, but for the 28-year-old the statement only makes things worse.

Jo is a candidate for the first season of “Princess Charming”, where Irina went in search of great love. In addition to the fond memories that the 28-year-old has been able to muster in the queer dome format, there is also a crushing one that is only coming out today: Jo was the victim of a sexual assault during filming.

A few days ago, Jo spoke for the first time in an Instagram video about how her fellow Wiki candidate lay in bed with her and forced himself on her. “I wasn’t able to tell many people about it on the spot. I couldn’t make the decision to publicly accuse anyone. But I confided in another candidate and told Wiki about it myself,” Jo explains. further online. The perpetrator, for her part, does not deny the assault, according to Jo, she is struggling with her own behavior.

In the exchange with t-online, it is not Wiki that Jo denounces publicly, but the SeaPoint production and the RTL broadcaster, which broadcast the dome show. “You should have discussed with me what kind of behavior I wanted, what kind of media handling. Also, it wasn’t discussed with me if and how the whole thing was going to be broadcast. I was completely in the dark until the broadcast.”

Instead, they were interviewed at length the morning after the crash and asked to describe the details. “There were times when I made it clear that I no longer remembered things. My memory distorted when I thought about certain events, including the sexual assault.” But the crew “knowingly ignored” this or didn’t have the awareness to address it properly.

Jo also criticizes that they didn’t drop Wiki from the format as an author. “But at that time, her entertainment factor was perhaps higher and the risk of keeping me—who openly criticized her behavior—in there was too high,” she tries to explain the backstory. Instead, Jo gets a field goal from Irina on next decision night and has to leave the format. “I don’t know if the production is behind it. It’s just a question I have,” she admits.

The production favors cross-border behavior in the mansion due to the extreme conditions that are created in the show, finds the former candidate. And it’s not just about constant surveillance by cameras. “They control our sleep patterns, we are sleep deprived, have no sense of time and have no way of communicating with the outside world. Also, even if the doors are not closed, we do not know where we are and our identification the documents were taken when we moved into the villa,” says Jo.

Jo’s theory that toxic circumstances encourage abuse was sadly reinforced: In season 2 there was another incident – it was even aired: Princess Hanna Sökeland kissed participant Amelia against her will after she had previously talked about his phobia of kissing.

After the broadcast, there was a huge outcry in the community, and once again, in Jo’s eyes, RTL has broached the subject incorrectly. “The assault was played down, the victim was questioned. There was not even any activation alert. The team obviously learned nothing from it. […] No position has been taken.”

The fact that events repeated themselves in a certain way in the second season was ultimately too much for the future master: “For me that was the moment when I realized that I couldn’t go on like this. I can’t represent myself of remain silent for this production because it could happen to others.”

As known from reality formats, Jo signed off on a non-disclosure agreement in advance. The cast is only allowed to talk about the broadcast events. But she doesn’t stick to that anymore. “I’ve decided to take this risk and speak up. It’s not without risk. But I feel comfortable and I’m right with this decision to speak up now,” she stresses on t-online.

t-online took on RTL after the conversation with Jo. But instead of answering the catalog of questions, it only refers to an Instagram statement posted shortly before. He says: “The details and extent of the accident described by Jo and their classification of the situation were not known to us, otherwise the team on site would obviously have reacted immediately.” Jo was not known to want to talk about the events. The “well-being” of singles is always “top priority”, it is further stressed.

These words are yet another slap in the face for Jo, as she explains to t-online: “Once again you have rejected the opportunity to position yourself clearly and take responsibility. Instead, they look the other way and look for blame in my This is absolutely fatal, not just for me, but for other people affected for whom this show has been a safe space.”

Jo also knows firsthand that she’s not the only one affected. “I have been trusted a lot by people who have experienced something similar. I have also received many messages from people affected by similar formats. So the fundamental structures have to be questioned,” are her haunting words.

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