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Footage of David Beckham is from the day he met the Queen and accepted his OBE

Behind-the-scenes footage of David Beckham is from the day he met the Queen and received his OBE for services to football in 2003.

The former footballer, 47, looked emotional as he walked past Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin on Friday as he paid his respects after 13 hours of waiting in line.

A throwback clip from their hour-and-a-half documentary, The Real Beckhams, showed an excited David and Victoria before meeting Her Majesty.

As the former England captain and singer got dressed for the special occasion, they were filmed for their show, which aired 20 years ago.

David shook hands with the late monarch when he was made an OBE by the Queen for services to football in 2003.

Victoria and two of the couple’s sons, Brooklyn and Romeo, as well as David’s grandparents were present to see him accept the honor.

David told the cameras, “It’s really quite amazing because you’ve heard from all the other OBEs over the years and one of them was Bobby Charlton and he was my idol and my dad’s idol.”

“To hear I’m receiving one of them,” he began. “It first hit me when I received a letter that said David Beckham OBE. It is wonderful.

“I wanted to take my mum and dad, I know they would appreciate it, but I think my grandma and grandpa it will be an amazing experience for them. My grandma is a huge royal fan so it’s nice for her.’

He went on to recall his earlier encounter with Her Majesty: “I met the Queen at the Commonwealth Games when I opened them in Manchester. She was beautiful.’

Victoria then gushed about her husband: “You look so nice; You look so good. I reckon you’ll get the queen going, you know.”

She continued, “We are on our way to the palace and David will be getting his OBE and we are very proud of him.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” David added, while Victoria continued, “David’s grandma and grandpa are really excited.”

“It’s going to be a really nice day. And then we’ll have lunch afterwards. I can’t believe you’re going to be David Beckham OBE.

“I know,” David laughed, before Victoria joked, “I can’t believe you beat me to it!”

Athlete David waited 13 hours in the five-mile line to pay his respects to the monarch after arriving at 2am, even shedding a tear as he reached inside.

The father-of-four finally reached the Queen’s coffin around 3.30pm after queuing and took just a few seconds to bow his head before moving on to make room for the people behind him.

And the stark contrast in Friday’s plans comes as alleged tensions between Brooklyn’s family and his wife grow – with recent reports claiming his parents are “devastated”.

In 2014, David was on the verge of becoming a Sir in the New Year’s Honors List until a warning from HM Revenue and Customs nullified his nomination.

The former footballer was one of dozens of wealthy celebrities who invested in the controversial Ingenious Media scheme to fund films and reduce investors’ personal tax liability. HMRC described the system as a tax avoidance tool.

But a source now told the publication: “Like many of the celebs involved with Ingenious, David had no idea what was going on at the time.

‘His team first proactively approached HMRC almost two years ago when David made his business independent and this year finally got things settled once and for all.’

They continued: “In 2013, David was told the only reason he was overlooked for a knighthood was the tax fiasco. Now it’s clear, there’s absolutely no reason not to honor him.

“Of course he would be absolutely thrilled to be knighted – but he’s under no illusions and won’t believe it until he sees it.”

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